How international students can succeed at assessment centres to get a graduate job

Assessment centres are a popular recruitment tool for graduate vacancies, particularly with larger employers. The idea of being assessed for a whole day might seem like a lot of pressure, but if you follow a few of our tips you can arrive feeling prepared for whatever the day might throw at you. Employers invest money in assessment centre as they believe them to be a successful way to recruit the top talent, so, bring your ‘A’ game and do your best to show the company what you have to offer. 


By Jen Garmston Published: June 03, 2019

In wake of hiring boom, Canadians feel confident in job prospects

Two months of unexpectedly buoyant job creation has left Canadians brimming with confidence over their employment prospects.
New poll numbers released Monday by Nanos Research Group show the share of people who feel their job is secure has risen to nearly three quarters of respondents. Those who said their positions weren’t secure, meanwhile, dropped to 9.4 per cent, a record low.


By Global News
Published: November 18, 2014

GradLink Shortlisted for Prestigious Times Higher Award

GradLink is very proud to announce that it has been shortlisted for the highly prestigious Times Higher Award for Outstanding Employer Engagement. 


By UWE Bristol
Published: November 13, 2014

More Canadians take their résumé digital

Canadians have decided they want their résumé and work history in digital form, with about half the country’s work force now using the online networking platform LinkedIn.
There are now 10 million Canadians on LinkedIn, the company announced Thursday, up from about 2 million when the website launched here in 2010. Canada is one of the world’s most active countries on the site, which has 300 million members globally.


By The Globe and Mail
Published: November 03, 2014

Work: you′re coming to find a job so start looking now

Canada: Finding a job
It′s the most crucial piece of the puzzle in moving abroad to start a new life – but unfortunately is not always the easiest. Nonetheless, new arrivals to Canada will find a strong economy with plenty of jobs available.
“The economy is still very favourable and [is expected to remain so] over the next three decades,” says Mark Cooper, president and chief executive officer of the Saskatchewan Construction Association.


By The Irish Times
Published: November 03, 2014

This Man Has the Coolest Job in Canada

For some people, it would be a dream job to travel across Canada and eat in some of the country′s finest restaurants.
For Canadian writer and international food and wine journalist, Andrew Braithwaite, it′s just another day at the office. He′s the official judge for "Canada′s Best New Restaurants" 2014 competition. For this annual event, Air Canada′s enRoute Magazine seeks out Canada′s best restaurants launched during the past year.
There are 30 contenders for 2014, and it′s not enough to simply serve couture cuisine. To get on the esteemed top ten list, nominees must have contributed to dining culture and the Canadian culinary identity in some significant way.


By Huffington Post
Published: October 29, 2014