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GradLink careers video session: the 3 key tips for international students

This video is suitable both for recruitment activities, and for existing students. It focuses on the 3 key ‘secrets to success’ for international students based on feedback from graduate employers we have worked with around the world. In other words, the 3 key things that international students should do whilst studying in the UK in order to maximise their employability – and then it showcases the tailored careers support and resource that UWE provides to help international students achieve these. Namely:

Key Tip UWE Provision
Use specialist resource to research job markets and link with employers  GradLink
Gain high quality work experience UWE International Talent
Build your LinkedIn network 100,000+ alumni on the UWE LinkedIn page

GradLink careers video session: using LinkedIn effectively

This video was produced for Bangkok University. However, it does not make reference to Bangkok university, so is potentially suitable for general use. The video covers how to create an effective profile and how to start building a network on LinkedIn.

Introducing GradLink: UWE Bristol’s award-winning global careers site

GradLink is UWE’s award-winning global careers site, linking students with jobs and internships across the world. GradLink connects students with a global network of over 700 employers who recognise the value of recruiting students who have studied in the UK – employers such as PwC, Microsoft, Worldwide Wildlife Fund, and Unilever.

This video will show you how to get the most from UWE’s free GradLink service, including:

  • How to apply for jobs and internships in, Asia, Africa, Europe and N. America
  • Using our CV builder to create a winning CV
  • Receive the latest global Job and internship alerts
  • Get the latest news and advice on our social media

GradLink careers video session: key tips  and advice 

This video was produced for students at Bangkok University and does include some specific content relating to the Thai job market. The video draws together key advice gathered during work with GradLink employers across the world. The session pulls togehter key advice and feedback from employers for all stages of the graduate job application process, from research through to interview (including virtual/remote interviews.


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By UWE Bristol Published: May 14,2013

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