How international students can gain skills online while at home

While most of the world has now been affected by some form of restriction to movement, many of you may have concerns for how the current world situation may impact your university course and career. While it’s not possible to predict the future, you can prepare yourself for your next year at university or in skills that will help you get that first graduate role. By doing this you’re not only setting yourself up with new talents, but you can also use these to show future employers how you react to adversity. Learning while in isolation could show a future employer your tenacity, drive and flexibility during uncertainty. There are several online courses and channels that can be added to your resume and build on what you can offer the working world.

We’ve put some tips together to help enhance your career while you’re at home, but explore the online options in your home country too. Try not to feel daunted as there really is something for everyone, there are courses and workshops that range from a couple of hours to a professional certificate…plus, they’re all free! Write a list of one or two skills or subjects you think could help your employability before you start so that you can focus on your goals once you get to the website.

Explore LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is free to students while using your university email address so make the most of this great resource. Their training videos cover almost every topic you could think of. Whether you want to programme computers or learn soft skill techniques, the options are endless. If you’re a marketing student, why not look for a short graphic design course that could give you extra skills in creating visual content or if you’re studying I.T or business how about looking at the skills employers are asking from new recruits so you can start to work towards them.

Have you heard of MOOCS and Future Learn?

These are both provided by leading global universities. Expert lecturers have put together insightful and useful topics for you to browse which include tutorials which could help your understanding of a certain area, support your wellbeing or work your way toward a qualification. They have both fun and serious courses to join so you can choose which topics are most useful for your degree and career and those that are focussed on your interests outside of your degree.

Try to make connections

This is a good time to update or create a LinkedIn profile. Not only will it be useful for the start of your career but it’s a fantastic way to make connections with professionals in your industry. See one of our earlier blogs for the top tips for a LinkedIn profile if you’re just starting or need yours updated and use keywords to attract employers.

Now is a good time to reach out and try to make some new connections. Everyone’s way of working has changed in the last few months and many are distributing their work time slightly differently. With this shift, could also come some opportunities if you’re willing to seek them out. We’ve seen professional posts which have highlighted the possibility of remote work experience. Getting work experience while offices are working remotely could not only help you gain workplace skills but, could also lead to employment with the right company. Make a list of companies you would like to work for when you graduate and speak to your careers team to see if they have information on any online opportunities.

Tidy up your resume

If you complete a course, make sure you include this if relevant on your latest CV. By adding new skills as you acquire them, you’re less likely to forget what you’ve achieved once you come to apply for a job. Many of these courses and workshops are linked to professional certificates so you can add some impressive skills to present to future employers. If you need help with your CV, use this time to get in touch with the careers team at your institution. Although face-to-face appointments aren’t possible, teams across your university will be doing all they can to support you. So, if you need help in an area, reach out to the appropriate team and see if they can help.

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By Jen Garmston Published: Apr 27,2020

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