What is the value of a UK degree and can it help you get a graduate role overseas?

The decision to study abroad is not taken lightly by international students, there is a lot to consider from how your degree will impact your job prospects to the change in academic teaching styles. The British Council cite that the that the benefits of a UK degree include “A higher standard of education with institutions that consistently rank among the best in the world”. Not only do students receive top-class degrees but flexible courses that make it possible to suit most student circumstances, getting the most from your degree as quickly as possible. Degrees in the UK are designed to help prepare students for their global career opportunities and set them up with the tools they need to succeed.

What does a UK degree provide?

Studying in the UK gives international students access to a high level of teaching which leads to graduates who are well prepared for the working world. Courses are often linked to industry professionals, giving students further insight into graduate roles. The careers team at each institution have a wealth of dedicated knowledge to support students not only while studying but remaining a source of support after graduation too.

What is common to UK degrees, is a dedication to fostering independent thinking, analytical skills and self-discipline. This will give you the edge when applying for a graduate job as these are the skills that employers value when looking for candidates. In addition to this, studying in English will improve your English language skills and give you a head start in your international career. Studying in the UK provides skills that directly translate to the workplace, such as time management, research skills, critical thinking, group work and presentations. These are instilled during your studies and help to create autonomous learners.

How can this help you get a job overseas?

A UK degree is recognised and respected worldwide, which is key for highlighting talent to global employers. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, UCAS explain that “having an international degree demonstrates that you took the initiative to live and study abroad, and international experience is highly valued by employers.” When recruiting, employers are looking at all you have to offer to the role, and having studied abroad, you will have gained maturity and skills from your studies. Not only that, but when scanning your resume or application form, seeing your UK location will highlight the excellence that comes from studying in the UK.

By hiring you, employers will be encouraging a more diverse workplace and unlocking a wider pool of talent. They will also be growing their international brand and generating insights into global business climates. This is why it’s also important to aim to get work experience while studying, so you have tangible experience of working in the country you study in. This doesn’t have to be in the form of a paid role, but can be from volunteering, an internship or other work opportunities.

Ensure you sell the skills you have gathered from university, and those that also give you the edge as an international student. These include language skills, cultural awareness, adaptability and motivation. Share these with employers to show what areas you are able to match the job description. For more news, register with GradLink today for access to our database of global employers, jobs and free careers advice.

By Jen Garmston Published: Apr 03,2024

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