What are the top paying graduate jobs in the UK?

After working hard throughout your degree, it’s clear that graduates will want to earn a wage that reflects this. So, it’s important to start thinking about some of these choices from your degree choice to what area of your industry you’re most interested in and which will provide you with the salary you are looking for.

While university degrees come with a cost, many companies offer graduate positions and training schemes that are not only lucrative but provide the development of the next generation of leaders. According to The Times newspaper the best-paid graduate roles are:

  1. Investment Banker £35,000–£60,000
  2. Management Consultant £45,000–£50,000
  3. Trainee Solicitor £26,500–£50,000
  4. Graduate Sales Manager (Retail) £37,000–£44,000
  5. Software Developer £31,500–£45,000
  6. Graduate Petroleum Engineer £33,000–£43,000
  7. Actuary £31,000–£35,000
  8. Civil Servant – £27,000–£32,000
  9. Civil Engineer – £24,000–£31,000
  10. Clinical Scientist – £29,000–£30,000

The sectors that saw high salary growth in 2023 according to Hays included Accountancy and Finance and Sustainability. Going forward, IT and Cyber Security Managers are in line for increased salaries due to the importance of digitised systems and the inclusion of AI.

While salary is important, try to do your research so you can find out what the earning potential is in your chosen industry alongside what else is offered. For example, company culture, benefits and ethos all play a part in a workplace, and how you are likely to settle into that environment. Being paid well for your role is fantastic but consider the other elements that will ultimately keep you in the role and make you happy in your job day-to-day.

Aim for your salary by increasing your skills

If you are looking for a well-paid graduate role, you will need to consider how you will achieve this through your skills. Use your time while studying to increase your work experience, so that when you graduate you can present employers with your talent. According to global media company Forbes, these are the top 10 soft skills employers are looking for in 2024:

1. Strategic Thinking

2. Negotiation

3. Persuasion

4. Presentation Skills

5. Critical Thinking

6. Mentoring

7. Emotional Intelligence

8. Innovation

9. Financial Management

10. Resilience

Speak to your careers team and use this list alongside the skills listed in job adverts for graduate roles you’re interested in to build your plan for what work experience to aim for. This will not only hep you to find a clearer path to roles you’re interested in but give you tangible steps to take to reach your goal. To find the latest graduate roles, see our jobs board to be connected to employers looking for international talent today!

By Jen Garmston Published: Feb 12,2024

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