How can university services help international students with their employability?

Whether you’re a new student or returning to university in the UK this year, there are several key services at your university to help you. These cover a range from wellbeing, student advisers and library support. While it may seem early to start thinking about your career in your first year, working towards employability can be started as soon as you arrive. As you get used to your university campus, look out for services and support that could help you along your student journey. We’ve collated some of the key university services and how they can help you.

Immigration team

Not only do the Immigration team host a wealth of knowledge to help international students while studying, but they also understand the intricacies of working visas too. The UK has introduced a new graduate route which gives international graduates 2 years before needing to apply for the Skilled worker route. While this is fantastic news for international students, working visas can still be a complicated topic. So, if you need further advice on immigration or visa topics, book an appointment with the team at your institution. It’s important to get the correct information, so head to see the experts!

Global Centre

Does your university have a Global Centre or team to support international students? They may arrange airport transfers, student orientation and cultural events but they also offer opportunities for international students. They arrange programmes such as the Global Buddy scheme which helps support new international students’ transition into a new academic and cultural environment or Global Café’s which are events with themes such as culture, home-study, English language and more. What these events and schemes can also do is increase your cultural understanding, communication skills, team-working, networking and much more. These skills can be used to work towards a graduate role by increasing your confidence and gathering tools that will be useful not only for job applications but working in a graduate role.


Careers are another team of experts who are worth making an appointment with. Their help is often sought out when students near the end of their degrees and start looking for jobs, however, it’s best to make the most of their support throughout your course. They usually offer drop-in sessions, CV advice and can help you determine how to reach your goals. Don’t forget that many universities also offer careers advice for up to two years after graduation, so the support doesn’t end when you complete your degree.


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By Jen Garmston Published: Oct 25,2021

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