Why resilience is the key quality international students need to find a graduate job


Job hunting comes with its challenges, and as an international student, there are a lot of factors to consider. It can be a balancing act, juggling studying while looking for new positions and applying for jobs. We’ve found the best advice we’ve received is that resilience is key. By adopting this skill during your job search, you will provide yourself with the tools to recover from any possible setbacks and keep the motivation to keep going for that star role. Not only will resilience aid your career hunt but set you up for challenges in the workplace. So, how can you make yourself more resilient?

Set yourself a target

Knowing where you want to be is the first step, take some time to think about what roles you are most suited to. It’s important however to set yourself some smaller goals as well to help you along the way.  The Guardian agrees that “Setting personal goals can help create a sense of achievement when you meet them. These goals don’t need to be far out of reach, however; smaller and more achievable targets can help us experience success, which in turn creates a positive mind set that builds mental resilience.” These smaller goals could be anything from re-writing your CV so it’s ready for your next interview, to finding a mentor or a new connection through networking.

Flexibility is key

In order to make opportunities available to you, try to be more flexible and adapt to the market around you. There are a few ways you can try to do this:

  • Use the feedback you receive from interviews. If you have a call to say you didn’t get the job, try not to be disheartened- ask them for comments and use this information to ace your next interview.
  • Add extra skills to show your potential to employers. If you don’t have work experience, take part in an entrepreneurial challenge at university or start volunteering, anything that could give you the edge when they see your CV.
  • Look at other roles first. While you may have your ideal role in mind, there are often other jobs that could give you the experience you need and therefore be the perfect stepping-stone to your dream role.


How to bounce back

Learning how to recover from setbacks is one of the main benefits of becoming more resilient. Use each experience to learn and guide you to a new opportunity. Don’t forget to look after your health while searching for a role. Make sure you get enough sleep and take regular breaks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, finding a mentor may help you find much-needed advice and open opportunities for new roles.

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By Jen Garmston Published: Mar 19,2018