What can international students do for their employability in 2021

The new year is usually a time to reflect and re-evaluate, and the same is true for 2021. What 2020 taught many of us is that even the best-laid plans may need flexibility in the presence of a pandemic. The UK is currently in national lockdown, with restrictions to learning and working conditions across the country. For those of you currently studying or starting your graduate job hunt, there may be some uncertainty. There are however several ways for students to put themselves the best position to combat this. Whether you’re currently looking for a graduate role or trying to find work experience while studying, our top tips are here to help!


For many reasons, connection is key to success. From looking after your wellbeing and connecting with friends and family while studying, to using connection to broaden your experience and employability. If you don’t currently have a LinkedIn profile, set that as your first aim for the year to find a virtual method of get closer to your industry. LinkedIn is a great way to learn about the career you’ve chosen with articles on current news and potential colleagues from all corners of the globe. While not all students view LinkedIn as a priority, it can provide insight and opportunities while we need to keep our distance. Set yourself a goal to connect with 3 employers this year. Think about what you would like to gain from this interaction, do you have questions about working in a particular industry, or are you asking about a job role? This will help you increase your industry connections and gather valuable information that will help you when looking for a graduate role.

Review your experience

Many recruiters are hiring as normal but in order to catch their attention, it’s wise to ensure you have the skills and experience they’re looking for. Start by looking at the role or type of role you’d like, list the required skills then see where you could increase your own experience. Rather than thinking “I don’t have the experience”, ask yourself “how can I gain that experience?” This is something that can be started early on in your student journey to allow yourself the time to add these activities to your schedule during your degree. Most skills can be added to by finding volunteering or internship roles. For temporary roles, don’t forget that it’s the experience, not the role that’s important. So, if you’re a Marketing student struggling to find relevant work experience options, try expanding your search to find roles that have transferable skills. You may find volunteering at a charity could give you the soft skills you need to fit into a Marketing workplace.

Register for job sites

Job hunting is hard work, so, let the experts help you. Register your details at the agencies best placed to help you. Find sites that are best placed to help you for your specific needs by industry, location or support you as an international student like GradLink’s website. Once you’ve registered, you can wait for the jobs to come to you! GradLink provides dedicated support for international students from the latest news, a global jobs board and industry-specific advice. For free access to our database of worldwide employers and support, register today!

By Jen Garmston Published: Jan 19,2021