The key teams international students should connect with to enhance their employability

Whether you’ve recently arrived in the UK to study or are a few years into your degree already, there’s still time to connect with key teams at your institution. Universities usually have several departments that students may be unaware of, but there are certainly some you should stop and take notice of. It may currently be harder particularly for new students, to know which teams can help when it comes to careers, skills and advice that will help you find a job. So, we’ve put together a guide to help highlight some teams that can help and why you should connect with them. In light of the pandemic, contact may not be face-to-face, but most services have now adapted to blended or online provisions to support students so don’t forget that virtual connections are key too!

The Careers team

Your Careers team are vital for support, not only throughout your degree but most also offer advice to alumni too. We suggest making contact in your first year so you have time to discuss how you can improve your employability each year, but their advice is valuable at all stages of your degree. The team at UWE Bristol provide 1-2-1 appointments, CV and interview advice, options with your degree, skill development and much more. Check out your institution's website to find out how they can help not only your long-term goals but to increase your skills and experience through volunteering and short term opportunities. Their help is included in your course fees but making the most of the service is down to you.

Visa team

The Visa team are another service with in-depth knowledge for international students. You may have spoken to them before arriving in the UK or to discuss documents, but did you know that they can also help while you’re studying? Student visas can be complicated, so if you need to discuss the details or need help understanding how working part-time can fit in- make an appointment with the team. Immigration Advisers offer appointments and drop-in sessions all year round, just check what their updated 2020 approach is to find the best way of speaking to them this year.

Global lounge

Does your university have a Global Lounge? If so, connect with them to see what they offer. These are usually cultural hubs for students both home and international to socialise, share experiences, find global opportunities and engage with social events. They can offer Pre-sessional English and Summer Schools too. There are opportunities such as language cafés and cultural events that can add real skills, and the connections made with other students count as networking and can help you practice for the future. This is an opportunity to meet other students outside of your course and expand your skills.

Library support

Did you know that most university libraries have support centres providing workshops for study and language skills for international students? There are many cultural differences in learning and teaching, so many university libraries offer study skills, English language and communication workshops. By engaging in these workshops many students will learn not only skills for their studies but methods that can help from to exams and job applications to transferable skills for the job market.

Despite events not taking place currently, there is still an array of events, skills and connections that can me made with both students and staff within your university. Some fantastic schemes, ideas and ways of interacting have also be born out of the disruption of this year. For the latest news for international students, sign up to our termly newsletter or register online for full access to our database of global jobs and employers.

By Jen Garmston Published: Dec 04,2020