The importance of hiring good IT security personnel for your company

When hiring within your IT department, how much focus is on cybercrime? If you’re not already investing in your company’s future with additional IT security hires, you could be leaving your business without sufficient protection when there is a pool of cyber talent available.

In 2018 a number of high-profile companies encountered large-scale breaches including Marriot International, Ticketmaster and Yahoo. The reality is that there has been a shift in how hackers operate and target businesses, but this can be challenged with the correct staff in place to support your security. Tech magazine Computer Business review reveal that “during the first six months of 2018, the equivalent to 291 records were stolen or exposed every second” but these numbers could be reduced.

 The UK government’s Cyber Security breaches report for 2018 showed that “over four in ten businesses (43%) and two in ten charities (19%) experienced a cybersecurity breach or attack in the last 12 months” but under three in ten businesses (27%, versus 33% in the previous 2017 survey), and two in ten charities (21%) have a formal cybersecurity policy or policies”. So not only have almost half of UK companies been targeted, but even more are at risk. These statistics are unfortunately replicated across the globe.

It’s easy to think that cybercriminals are just targeting large corporations as these are the stories that hit the headlines. However, “according to cybersecurity company 4iQ, which monitors hacker activity across the web, including the deep and dark web, hackers are increasingly targeting unsophisticated and unprotected small businesses as a result of increased investment in cybersecurity”. So it’s not just larger companies that need to be vigilant and invest in sufficient IT security to keep their data safe, but what’s the most cost-effective way to do this?

It’s possible to use AI powered solution systems to secure your data, however, to meet the threat head on you should consider expanding your team before you’ve experienced a data breach. Solely using AI as a prevention measure could leave you exposed to self-learning technologies with hackers willing to retarget until they gain access. With talented hires who understand the technology behind your own AI systems, cyber-security and network security, you’ll have the expertise on board before any problems arrise. Having dedicated hires to secure your data won’t just benefit the company but your staff too. Your IT department should be sharing data issues and information with the rest of your workforce to share security tips which will in turn reduce breaches from inside your business.

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By Jen Garmston Published: Apr 09,2019