How global students can help your business

When hiring new starters, how do you find the best talent for your sector? Attracting the best candidates with skills that compliment your company culture can be a challenge and, in particular, finding international-minded students to support a global market.

What sets international students apart

Hiring graduates who have studied abroad is one way of gaining global experience from new hires. While studying in another country, they will have gained cultural experience, multifaceted communication skills, resilience and adaptability. That global experience can bring ideas together from across the globe, and with it, employees who are perfectly placed to work with overseas clients.

Where can you find the talent

The UK higher education system is among the most established in the world, having evolved over 800 years. Pound-for-pound, UK universities produce more global research that any other country. Therefore, by selecting graduates with a UK degree, you’re opening your company up to some of the highest quality international talent. And this is key.   A major NAFSA study found that 40% of US businesses fail to expand because they lack the international experience graduates gain through study abroad.

One way to connect with international talent is with GradLink. GradLink is a free award-winning service that provides employers with the tools to search for the top UK educated international students and graduates – and GradLink has also just launched a brand-new website! The new GradLink site includes a super-quick CV database to enable employers to find the best international talent within seconds, and CV alerts tailored to your recruitment needs.

By registering on GradLink, you will have access to a database of CV’s to find the perfect match for your available roles and a global jobs board which is accessed by students and graduates worldwide. For more information and the top UK graduates, register your vacancies with GradLink for free today.

By Jen Garmston Published: Feb 28,2020