How can international students transition from campus to corporate life while working from home?

For most graduates, the shift from student life to starting a career can be a big transition. Leaving university life and finding your feet at a new company takes time, but is there anything else to consider during this transition when your new workplace may be remote and your new manager, a face in your computer screen? Most students and fresh graduates have had time to adjust to some of the digital changes that have come from studying during COVID however there are some other aspects to consider, so we’ve put our top tips together to help you find your feet and thrive in your new role.


One of the biggest shifts in new employment is that many now work from home regularly. As a student, you’ll already have experience of this from studying at home over the past year, but there are some differences. You’ll need to use a flexible outlook to adjust to your new workplace’s company culture and how the team interacts with each other remotely. During your first few weeks, try to understand how you fit into this dynamic and see if there are any gaps in making connections with your new colleagues. It’s not only important to think of how you can work together, but how to integrate when you might not have the opportunities usually found in offices to start networking with colleagues.  This will build both your professional and personal connections, giving you more support when you need it.

Continue to learn

University is about learning, and the same can be said for your first few jobs too. Try to absorb as much as you can from the jobs you choose early on in your career. By listening to experienced workers for advice and observing their work ethic, you’re off to a great start. Once you understand your role, think about aspects that you’d like to expand on and see if there are workplace or external training options provided that can support your learning.

Update your resume

Once you’ve secured a graduate role, you’ve given yourself a great platform for whatever your career aspirations may be. Whether you want to stay in your current company long-term or your role is the first step in your plans, think about how you will get there. Set yourself some short and long-term goals to keep yourself motivated and give yourself a clear plan for what to aim for next. Part of this includes keeping your resume up to date. As you learn new skills and take on new responsibilities, remember to add them to your CV. Trying to think back over your experience when you come to applying for a new role can be more stressful than necessary. Noting your experience as you go means you can look at a job description to decide which skills are useful and need to be included.

It’s also important to remember that your first job won’t be your last. The choice is up to you, if you find a fantastic company that aligns with your career plan and ethos, fantastic, but sometimes this takes time to work out. If your first role isn’t quite what you expected or doesn’t fit into your career plan as you thought it might, update what your priorities are when looking for your next role. This is the first stage of your career, so you have many experiences and opportunities ahead of you. Keep your eye on GradLink’s jobs board for global graduate roles and the latest news for international students.

By Jen Garmston Published: May 17,2021

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