How can international student impress UK employers with their CV?

The new UK immigration route is due to come into effect this July meaning more international students will have the opportunity to remain in the UK for two years after graduation to secure a role. While this is fantastic news, most graduates would likely prefer to find a role shortly after graduating. Finding a graduate role can take time, from writing applications and resumes to researching companies and engaging with those in your industry. During this process, if you don’t feel confident with your CV, or you’re struggling to get past the application stage these tips are here to help you impress UK employers and show them how your talent is perfect for their company.

Find your brand

As an international student, you will have had certain experiences such as moving to another country to study which will have influenced your approach to learning and your skills. These include autonomy, communication and language skills, motivation and cultural awareness. To create your own brand, think about the skills you have and what you’re best at so you can focus on these and show off your best qualities. Your international status means you have a broadened perspective and experience of how cultures vary which can bring a fresh perspective to a company. Show this to prospective employers, share how these qualities can help with problem-solving and tackling new challenges.

Think about your audience

Try to make the best use of your time when applying for new roles. If you have been applying for positions and not receiving offers for interviews, see if there is anything you can adjust to make your resume stand out among the crowd.

Start by targeting the right employers, before applying check if the company is right for you. Have they employed international graduates before, what size is the company? Do some research to learn about the company culture and what is expected from employees to see if the fit is right for you. Your research will also help you write your CV or application for the role. Rather than sending the same information to each employer, choose your top 10 or 15 companies and really focus on what each employer is looking for from a candidate then clearly show how your skills match the job. Employers can often tell when receiving a very generic application so checking for keywords that match what they are looking for is likely to give you better results.

Get advice from careers experts

If you’re looking for a job in the UK, GradLink is launching an Enhanced Global Careers Programme webinar series from 11-25 May in light of the new immigration route focussed on working in the UK. This includes finding the right employers, meeting successful international graduates and employers from Bristol UWE who will be sharing their career journey, how to gain a UK internship, starting your own business and much more. For full details, sign up for free today!

By Jen Garmston Published: Apr 19,2021

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