Could virtual interviews diversify your workforce?

Virtual Interviews are becoming increasingly popular for global brands, but should more companies be investing in them? Virtual interviews are digital or video interviews which allow companies to hire without meeting the candidate in person. This method is particularly useful at the start of the hiring process as it makes screening applicants a quicker and cheaper process but what else can it bring?

Why would you choose virtual?

The time-saving aspect is a key selling point, careers site Your Career Intel agree that this method also allows you to interview more candidates. They go on to reassure that “another distinct advantage for employers is that impressions formed during virtual interviews are essentially the same as impressions made in person. What you see is what you get. It is impossible to make similar assessments through phone calls.” So, the value of virtual interviews is on par with meeting applicants face-to-face at least for initial screening purposes. It could enable you to meet more candidates in a flexible way that keeps your busy schedule in mind.

Aside from the reduction in hiring costs, virtual interviews can provide an opportunity to diversify and increase your pool of talent. By conducting online interviews, it not only allows applicants from your country to apply but those overseas to have a fair opportunity without the increasing costs of travel. This wealth of worldwide talent will bring with them cultural understanding and bilingual skills that connect you with clients across the globe. Meeting these applicants is made possible with the technology that most companies hold as standard.

By creating a more diverse workplace, you are building a brand that includes ideas from a range of backgrounds, therefore creating new ideas. Fast Company  looked at a “survey of employees at more than 1,700 companies in eight countries, those who said there was above-average diversity on their management teams also reported innovation revenue was as much as 45% of total revenue versus just 26% at companies without diverse leadership.” 

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By David Gee Published: Mar 19,2018