Are virtual techniques creating a new normal for graduate recruitment?

“From March 1 to May 23, LinkedIn saw a 60 per cent rise in the volume of its users searching specifically for remote working opportunities”. This huge increase, Forbes highlights is of course connected to COVID-19 which has affected most industries in some way during 2020. This surge in searches however shows that with any large-scale world changes, comes opportunity, if you’re looking in the right places.

Current technology has meant that most employees have the ability to fulfil their role at home while offices are empty. Despite some of the devastating consequences of 2020, there have been new opportunities when it comes to graduate recruitment. University students across the globe have had to adapt to a new working world before they’ve even started their careers. Many will have completed their final year of studies remotely, and while these circumstances are less than ideal, it’s also creating a new resilient workforce ready to take on new challenges and learn remotely. The shift to home has shown workers to be flexible, target driven all while reducing overheads for businesses.

One of the biggest benefits for recruiters is the exponential growth of their talent pools. Location was previously a deal-breaker for many, but with the shift to remote working, positions can be filled by the best global candidate rather than regional or even national.

“A recent pulse report from PwC reveals only 26 percent of chief finance officers are now concerned about losing productivity due to remote work, compared with 63 percent at the outset of the pandemic” employees have proved that remote working is a viable business model during the first half of this year, now is the time to harness those positive results and continue to adapt in the ever changing business world. Sourcing candidates online through virtual fairs and social media is opening your talent pool to a wider and more diverse, higher quality candidates.

Creating a streamlined virtual recruitment process is vital. Focus on the key aspects of your business so that your virtual onboarding gives new talent an insight to your company culture and the ability to grow with the company. Virtual interviews and onboarding don’t need to mean a less personal approach to personnel, just a new way of connecting to an evolving set of talents.

Graduate talent has been recognised as a way to bring fresh energy and ideas to business and 2020 graduates are set to raise the bar again. With many students across the globe now completing degrees where they needed to show autonomy, flexibility and motivation they are able to bring the same coping strategies and determination to a remote role. For access to GradLink’s global database of the top international students and graduates, register today for free!

By Jen Garmston Published: Aug 21,2020