An international graduate UK success story: Selling your international talent

We’ve been connecting with recent international alumni who have successfully graduated from a UK university and gone on to find a job in their chosen career in the UK. They have shared their stories and advice with us so that other international students can use this knowledge to navigate both their studies and first steps into a career.

We asked Kika, a Project Manager in Creative Advertising from Spain how she navigated the UK jobs market and what helped her along the way in her career. Kika’s degree was a BASc in Architecture at UWE Bristol where she graduated in 2018. She now manages projects in London using skills she started to hone whilst studying for her degree. What she’s found central to her role is problem solving and cites this as her favourite part of her job as she finds the most pragmatic way of keeping a project moving forward giving her a sense of achievement when this has been completed.

Many students find their degree can highlight areas and skills they excell in, which can then be used on job applications and in the working enviroment. When choosing a university, its key to look at what is offered on your course that can help connect you to your industry and propell you into your career. Kika explains that her “lecturers were very helpful, so there was the freedom to be creative and ambitious, but in a supportive environment. I really thrived on the independence my course gave me, and I have taken these project management skills directly into the role I do now”. University can bring the first steps to adult and professional autonomy. Kika was able to use the freedom she found while studying to expand her creativity and find her career path. A UK degree is useful not only for your career, but to expand your skills set giving you a wider pool of roles to apply for when looking for a job.

When asked what key advice she would share with others, she said “Use the fact that you're an international student to heighten your chances of getting the job. Tell employers what you bring to the table. You are already living independently, you're out of your comfort zone, you can offer two languages. These are excellent experiences and assets for an employer. The fact that you know at least two different cultures enhances your ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds, which is key to every company I’ve worked with. And the fact that you’re willing to move away from home, and that you’ve done this for a reason, for a better opportunity, is something that you should take pride in, so make sure you brand your international experience confidently and effectively to employers, as it can really impress them”. This advice reiterates the ethos we promote to international students, it’s vital that you share your talent with employers and show them how your status as an international student brings with it talent, flexibility, autonomy, motivation, cultural awareness and more! Think about where you excel and how you can share this with employers at interview. For more careers advice from the start of your studies to graduation, register with GradLink for free!

By Jen Garmston Published: Oct 03,2022

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