5 top employability tips for international students for 2020

This year is not only the start of a new decade but an opportunity to take steps towards your career. Not sure where to start? We’ve put our top tips for 2020 together to get you started.

Get some work experience

Take some time to think about what work experience opportunities are available to you. Is there someone you could contact who might have suitable work experience for you? This could be through a contact at university, a scheme or volunteering. Any extra experience you can gain will show employers that you have the skills they are looking for and the determination to find the experience so that you can excel in your career. If you can’t find work experience directly linked to your course or prospective career, volunteering may give you some valuable opportunities to gain industry or skill-related roles.

Polish your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn can provide a fantastic network of peers and employers who can help you with advice, tips and job opportunities. So having a LinkedIn profile that sells your key skills is vital. Start with a professional-looking photo that enhances your brand. This will also show employers that your profile is real, and you’re engaged with the platform. Next, think of a clear headline to add to your profile that concisely sums up what you can offer an employer. View the profiles of other alumni currently working in your industry to get an idea of tone, then use your skillset to write your headline. Lastly is your summary, this is your chance to get an employer’s attention quickly. So write down the key points and split these into four sections…

  1. Key details - who you are
  2. Your skills and achievements - your qualifications, MA, skills learnt voluntarily and any USPs
  3. Your passions - explain why you are so interested in your subject or industry and show your energy, passion and knowledge for the job or sector
  4. Aspirations - what are you looking for, and where do you want to end up?

Build your LinkedIn network

The way to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile is by creating connections with others. Start by seeking out endorsements and recommendations from professors, head coaches, volunteering leaders, employers and so on. Then connect with your friends and classmates to grow your network. You may meet people on your course at university who can later give you information about the company they work for or tips.

Approach 3 employers

This year take a step towards your career by reaching out to 3 employers. These opportunities often come up online but if you have the chance to speak to an employer face-to-face make sure you’re prepared. Think about your top selling points and work out in advance what you would say so that you can present yourself confidently. Get into the habit of networking and use occasions such as university events to practice. If you’re connecting online think about what you would like to gain from the interaction, do you have questions about working in a particular industry, or are you asking about a job role? This will help you increase your industry connections and gather valuable information that will help you when looking for a graduate role.

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By Jen Garmston Published: Jan 23,2020