3 tips to creating a communication strategy that attracts star talent

Attracting the best talent is the aim of recruiters worldwide and first impressions are everything, so how can you ensure you’re getting it right? IBM report that “52% of candidates never hear back from the organizations they apply to, even after more than two or three months have passed. Not communicating with candidates hurts your employer brand. And anything that hurts your employer brand can hurt your recruitment efforts.” So, the answer is simple, find a communication strategy that cuts through the competition and creates a brand that employees flock to. We’ve put together our top 3 tips to do just that.

Customise your interactions

The easiest way to get in touch with candidates is through generic bulk emails but is there a way you could personalise part of this process?  Are you sending candidates the message that they are simply one of many rather than the ‘star talent’ you’re looking for? Ensuring first names are integrated is a good start but could you include a contact preference? Ask how applicants prefer to be approached as this can also give you an indication to changes in trend. For example, it may seem too informal make contact through social media, however if this has been requested you will be able to see changes in what employees want, helping you trail blaze new attraction techniques. Finally, calling candidates where possible will meet expectations of candidates waiting to hear from you about their progress. In those final stages of recruitment, a personal touch could secure star talent choosing your company over another.

Get the right tone

Connecting with your applicants so they engage with your brand is the end goal but there are some key points to watch out for on the way. Engaging doesn’t mean losing sight of your brand- keep hold of your authenticity. One recruiter emailed their college candidates with the subject line “Hey Bae intern!” trying to connect, but alienating the recipients by trying too hard. If your company culture is more relaxed, show that, but don’t emulate how you think a particular group or generation converse. Graduates aren’t looking to work for someone like themselves, but for a company to aspire to.

Show them who you are

More companies are realising the importance of social media accounts in recruitment. Having current employees that are actively positive about your brand online is great, but an executive who tweets about a company update is even better. Of course many execs and CEOs have staff who run their accounts for them, but their presence online can do so much for brand image. Social media strategy group Convince and Convert confirm that “Executives who are active on social media convey that they are invested in the companies that they run. Even if they’re secretly planning to jump ship, they appear committed, and the company appears more stable”. Visibility adds a human element that shows a focus with transparency at the heart.

By improving a few elements of your communication strategy, candidates will be able to connect to your brand early on. If you want to get access to our extensive database of top graduates, register your vacancies with GradLink for free today.




By David Gee Published: Feb 15,2018