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Indian telecoms, healthcare and finance job opportunities are thriving

Great news for those seeking a career in the Indian telecoms or finance sectors; jobs in these industries are currently at a three and a half year high.

Recruitment firm TeamLease interviewed various organisations in India about their predicted hiring behaviours for their new Employment Outlook Report.

The study analysed employment trends and predictions for October 2016-March 2017. While it found that other areas were not fairing as well, it is heartening news for telecom or finance graduates.

The report detailed that the encouraging results were “driven by positive economic sentiment owing to a combination of factors.” These included private and foreign investment and rapid growth of knowledge services as well as the government’s continued focus on the Make in India and Start-up India programmes.

TeamLease found that employment and business outlook had continued to increase exponentially following the previous half year’s optimistic results. The report found that sectors appeared to be “balancing out in the midst of significant investment and deal flow activity.” In other words, the apparent slowdown of previously successful sectors is more of a natural plateau, rather than a cause for concern.

Moreover, overall employment outlook had increased by 2% on the last report, bringing the new figure to 95%. Business outlook also improved by the same margin, thus achieving an impressive 97%.

The sectors that have continued to perform well were Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals up 4 points 94% and Telecommunications, which rose 4% to 87%. The report cited the increased use of handheld devices, investments by Xiaomi, OnePlus, Foxconn and Micromax, and the high profile launch of Reliance’s Jio were all expected to fuel job creation in the Telecoms sector.

In terms of finance, the report acknowledged the important changes currently occurring in the sector. The net employment outlook for this year reached 76%, thus achieving a 9.3% growth on last year. In addition the State Bank of India launched its first branch to focus primarily on start-ups and both IDFC Bank and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi announced aggressive expansion plans.

Other areas of growth were SME opportunities, which increased by 3% to 72%. The report also stated that businesses would be “rather bullish on hiring” especially in the Tier-two (27%) and Tier-three towns (11%).

The report also generated information contingent to the city. For Mumbai, its biggest growth sectors for employment were Healthcare and Pharma (4%), Ecommerce and Internet Start-ups (3%) and telecoms (2%). Delhi’s star sectors were Financial Services (2%), Retail and Ecommerce (2%) and Internet Start-ups (1%).

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By David Gee Published: November 04, 2016


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