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India’s youth drawn to RBI and SBI over Facebook and Microsoft

In New Delhi, research has indicated that India’s youth are undergoing a shift in employment aspirations. While elsewhere in the world candidates would be clambering for a position in the ranks of Facebook or Microsoft, Indians instead have a growing preference for home-based companies such as Raghuram Rajan’s Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Arundhati Bhattacharya’s State Bank of India (SBI), the Economic Times of India reports.

A survey conducted by Universum, a firm that specialises in corporate branding, determined that the Rajan-led RBI is the third most preferred employer after juggernauts Google and Apple.

In total, 5,385 Indian business and commerce students across 157 universities responded in the 2016 Most Attractive Employers survey. The results illustrated a changing perception of government organisations like RBI and SBI. Signalling this shift, RBI proved more popular than American tech conglomerates like Facebook and Microsoft. The top 15 list as follows:

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. RBI
  4. Facebook
  5. SBI
  6. BMW Group
  7. Microsoft
  8. Deloitte
  9. KPMG
  10. EY
  11. The Walt Disney Company
  12. Infosys
  13. Goldman Sachs
  14. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  15. Volkswagen

RBI’s inclusion is not surprising though. The 81-year-old bank is well established and recruits many of its employees through entry level roles, entrance exams or through elite institutions like the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). This may sound complicated, but the opportunity to progress and build a long career is essential.

SBI is also India’s biggest commercial lender and employers, with two lakh (200,000) people working for them across 13,000 branches. The preference of such companies over American tech giants, according to the Economic Times of India, is due to them being led by “leaders such as Raghuram Rajan (RBI) and Arundhati Bhattacharya (SBI) [who] are seen as efficient and driven leaders carrying their organisation towards better ways.” 

For Indian millennials, overall there is a significant partiality for multinational companies. Readers who have browsed our job vacancy page will recognise the inclusion of conglomerates like KPMG, Deloitte, EY and Microsoft who we currently work alongside and are listed as among the best for interviews. Companies like KPMG are also in the midst of changes, with an updated recruitment process that has just been rolled out for millennials.

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By David Gee Published: August 18, 2016


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