Why diversifying your boardroom is key for 2018

When hiring new starters, do you think of their journey and where they might end up in your company? If hiring passionate, focused employees, there is every chance that somewhere down the line they could be heading up your boardroom in the future. So it’s important to think about who will be part of this pool of talent heading for the top.

We live in a diverse world and businesses are starting to be viewed to ensure that this is represented in decision making roles in companies. Business news site Executive Grapevine reiterate that “A Board that is made up of a homogenous group of individuals will struggle to represent their customer base, workforce and supply chain. By drawing on a diversity of background, gender, ethnicity and indeed thought, a company is far better equipped for the world of business.” New rules now require some of Europe’s largest companies to release details of their boardrooms for transparency. These updates are likely to spread wider, so taking this into consideration when hiring will only enrich the ideas brought by your employees. These policies are there to ensure representation of gender and ethnicity, but how can you do this in your own company?

Who can close the gap?

Hiring international graduates or those that have studied abroad is one way of gaining global experience from new hires. While gaining their education in another country, they will have also gained fresh ideas and cultural value. That global experience can bring ideas together from across the globe, and with it, brings employees who have experience of other cultures which can be transferred to working with clients in other countries.

Where can you find the talent?

There’s a pool of international talent waiting to bring new ideas to your company. If you’re based in the UK, a way of tapping into this skilled group is to connect with companies such as Access Tier 5 who sponsor international graduates to work in the UK on short-term internships. For companies based across the rest of the globe, GradLink has the tools to connect you with UK educated international students and graduates from the top universities. By registering, you will have access to a database of CV’s to find the perfect match for your available roles and a global jobs board which is accessed by students and graduates worldwide. For more information and the top UK graduates, register your vacancies with GradLink for free today.


By David Gee Published: Aug 06,2018