3 tips to hold onto graduate talent

The competition for graduates to get their first role can be tough, but the struggle also reaches employers in this competitive market to retain new talent. Employees have options open to them once they have completed their initial training, but they don’t have to make this jump. When applying for a new role, graduates are looking for the best fit in a company but if this suitability doesn’t continue, they might look elsewhere. Spending time on attraction is important but retention is just as vital to a company’s success. We’ve found a few tips that can help hold onto new graduates after that initial training period and lead them to their long-term careers with you.

Offer the next step

Professional service recruiters The Harvard associates note that “14% of graduates leave due to the lack of opportunities for career progression.” Give new employees the chance to see where their career can take them. Making sure they can achieve in the way they were promised at the interview stage is one way to let your employees grow with the role. By providing them with career development and training opportunities you’re ensuring their future with your business.

Show your support

Joining a new company can be daunting, especially if it’s your first job since graduating from university. So, making sure that new candidates feel welcome is key. If they feel integrated into the company and happy at work, they’re more likely to stay. Ensuring that you keep in regular contact with them not only helps them feel that the company is concerned with their progression but will give you an insight into how they work and where the potential for new collaborations can arise. The support doesn’t have to end even if they decide to leave. An exit interview can keep you updated with the inner workings of the office and highlight areas that need improvement while giving staff an opportunity to share their experience with you.

Celebrate the achievements

If your employees are meeting targets or bringing fresh new ideas to the company, show them you value their contributions. Depending on your business, recognition schemes could be a way to show your employees that their work hasn’t gone unnoticed. For many, however, making sure that you communicate the value you see in their work will produce a workforce that strives for excellence.

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By David Gee Published: Jul 13,2018