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Top 10 industries with the most vacancies right now!

Finding a job post-graduation can seem like a herculean task. Regardless of how polished your CV is or how many months you spent at your internship, it is not uncommon to feel like your job applications are disappearing into the ether. You can spend months writing covering letters and sending out applications, but to no avail.

Yet, while it may be a tough old world out there, not every industry feels so impossible to break into. A simple change of course or shifted career trajectory could help to get you out of your unemployment rut. Luckily for eligible applicants, a new survey by CV-Library has revealed the industries boasting a boost in vacancies.

According to this year's Q2 job market report, there were 14.9% more jobs advertised during April, May and June, compared with the same period in 2016. That’s a significant uptick in opportunity, while the sectors that enjoyed the biggest boosts were manufacturing (24%), charity (21%) and automotive (20.4%). The average salary also saw a welcome 1.9% increase.

But let’s break it down a little further. The top 10 industries for growth are as follows…

1.       Manufacturing – 24% more vacancies year-on-year

2.       Charity – 21%

3.       Automotive – 20.4%

4.       Social Care – 18.2%

5.       Property Services – 16.3%

6.       Recruitment – 14.8%

7.       Engineering – 11.2%

8.       Design – 10.4%

9.       Agriculture – 9.9%

10.   Construction – 7.2%

In terms of UK cities, the whole of the UK enjoyed a boom in vacancies, but the north and Scotland witnessed the largest increases. Significantly, both of these regions performed better than London. The top 10 cities are: Glasgow (26.4%), Brighton (25.3%), Guildford (19.6%), Aberdeen (17.8%), Dundee (16.6%), Sheffield (16.3), Manchester (12.6%), London (11%) and Birmingham (4%).

This is all great news if you’re thinking of staying in the UK after graduation (and if you are, check out our recent post on finding the right visa here). If you do want to apply for a job in the UK, remember that your skills as an international student will stand you in good stead – think about your language skills, your international view of business and more.

However, if you’re an international student hoping to take up a position back home, there are opportunities aplenty overseas. Here at GradLink, we help international graduates partner with their dream jobs in countries right across the world from China and the Gulf, to Canada, Africa, India and Bangladesh.

By registering with us for free, applicants can search for jobs, build a CV and directly apply for vacancies with some of the world’s top-name employers. Our careers advice page gives you regional specific insight and guidance for every sector, while our blog can help students keep up to date with international graduate news. With our extensive job board, your dream job is just a few clicks away.

By David Gee Published: August 25, 2017


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