Is it possible to work from home overseas?

This year the careers landscape has changed somewhat for both fresh graduates and those who are still looking for their ideal graduate role. Most office spaces in the UK and other parts of the world have moved to remote working scenarios where they can fulfil their roles from a laptop at home. What does this mean for new job seekers though and what are the options when it comes to the location of your new role?

Workplaces have become more flexible

One of the positive changes that have been rolled out worldwide this year is the ability to work from home. What workforces have proved over the last few months is that for most, work can be done at home. This approach has the potential to lead to more flexible working practices going forward. Employers can clearly see the benefits not just for staff but for companies’ finances too, having less central spaces for teams to work from. Rather than ridged office spaces, hot-desking and working from home could be more commonplace in the coming years.

Can this flexibility stretch to working overseas?

In some cases, yes, but you’ll need to check the details and ask your boss first. The BBC reported that “Barbados has announced a one-year visa for working remotely that you can apply for online before you travel”. What an incredible opportunity, but there are some points to think about before packing your bags.

Firstly, you’ll need to consider the visa and tax implications "If you don't tell your employer what you're doing, you may be in breach of your employment contract, and if a tax bill turns up - you could end up having to pay it”. You’ll also need to think about how long you want to be away, if you’re going to stay longer than a few weeks or months then it might not count as a working holiday. This particular opportunity also has a salary requirement, making it unsuitable for many students and graduates, however it’s a good starting point to think creatively about your career.

For international students and graduates

While these headlines are focussed on UK workers, there are still opportunities for international students and graduates to take advantage of. Many graduate jobs and internships are currently being advertised for remote working. If you see your dream job in another country, speak to the employer to see how you can bring your talent to their company. This could be a way to ensure you’re still getting relevant working experience if travel restrictions are in place in your current location.

Try to take note of the roles available in your industry globally, not only will this open the pool of jobs available to you but help you create new career connections worldwide. Register today for GradLink’s free service and to gain access to our global jobs board focussed on international graduate opportunities. Check out the Meet The Employers’ section where you can search for opportunities with some of the top companies worldwide who are searching for international talent like yours.

By Jen Garmston Published: Sep 21,2020