How Useful is AI when looking for a job in the UK?

There is currently an influx of information circulating online about AI. The benefits, potential pitfalls and how new technology can assist, and support tasks humans need to carry out. This has now also reached areas such as careers and job hunting. Jobseekers are starting to include AI technology support to help them write CV’s, cover letters and even supply answers on job applications but how worthwhile is the technology in this area?

How can AI be used to find a graduate job

The most obvious use would be in asking the programme to edit a resume for a specific employer, write a cover letter or answer questions on job applications. This is one way to use additional technology when applying for roles, but it does raise a few questions about how you will come across to employers. Will it be obvious you have used help and will this hinder your application or interview process?

What areas to avoid when using AI

Firstly, some employers might frown upon the use of AI when applying for a role. When they ask you to complete documents, not only do they want to hear about your personal experience, but some might think using an AI tool to help you answer questions it shows a lack of interest in completing the task. As with all technology, there is an adjustment period while the cultural norms around use are established so it’s wise to be conscious of this. If you were in an interview and an employer asked you to elaborate on a question from your application, if you haven’t written this yourself you will struggle to make the ideas seem your own and it may also highlight how your language differs from that of an online tool. It can be clear that you have used a machine, and you want to avoid anything that hinders you at the application or interview stage.

What you can do instead

Use AI as a tool, just not the only one you use. If you rely too heavily on it, you may come across as inauthentic but there are several ways it can help improve your performance. Try to use these tools for selected sentences rather than an entire paragraph. For example, write your application or cover letter yourself, and then you could use an AI tool to see if there is a better way to phrase something you have already written. Employers want to hear your voice and your experiences so let that be the focus. Another suggestion is, if using AI to always get your document checked over but a human. Ask a friend or someone from university such as the Careers Team, to read your application to help you spot any errors or areas where examples could be added.

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By Jen Garmston Published: Dec 08,2023

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