An international graduate UK success story: Spot a gap in the UK market

We spoke to some recent international graduates who have gained employment in the UK about their career journey. They shared the techniques and tips they used throughout their student journey with us, to help other international students searching for a career after graduation.

We spoke to Amandeep, a Technical Analyst from India who graduated from UWE Bristol last year and has since secured a role working for a company that provides IT services for Aviva. Amandeep used his skills to lead him to a role that has tapped into his talent and helped him to problem solve and find solutions in his current role. Amandeep enjoys the detective work involved in data analysis and it’s his job to use his initiate and problem-solving skills to get to the bottom of it. “Every day brings a new challenge as I don’t really know what I’m going to be working on. My job is never mundane!”.

What helped Amandeep to get this job?

The Aerospace Engineering degree at UWE Bristol provided Amandeep with not only the technical knowledge he needed, but modules focussed on how to thrive in the commercial world. Having a course connected directly to your chosen industry is invaluable in helping students link to employers in the UK jobs market and being able to understand what employers in their sector are looking for. One of Amandeep’s modules in Project Management showed him how to manage an activity from beginning to end and make it successful, he accredits this to helping a job being created for him at Bristol Rovers Football Club.

“Part-time work during your studies is important for developing your skills and gaining an understanding of UK work culture. It can also provide the opportunity for career progression!

Whilst selling pasties on matchday for Bristol Rovers Football Club, I noticed how they were selling out of certain pasties very quickly as they struggled to handle the influx of customers at half-time.
Speaking to the catering manager, I explained how I could use Excel tools to improve stock management. Analysing pasty data for the prior three years, I came up with a very successful solution, and my manager created a new role for me managing the central processing unit for all their food on match day!”

One way to make yourself invaluable to a company or employer is to spot a gap in the market, and use your skills to solve a problem. Try thinking about what you’re best at, and use these skills to show employers what you’re capable of.

What advice does he have for current students?

Amandeep suggests making “the time before starting your studies really count. Use the months before coming to the UK effectively. Try to find any apprentice job, work experience or volunteering opportunities that will build your skills in the area you want to work in. If you come to the UK with experience and skills to offer it will be easier to gain opportunities whilst studying, which in turn will open up job opportunities when you graduate. He also advises that it’s key to do your homework if applying for jobs in the UK “find out what each employer does, the principles they stand for, and what skills they are looking for. This should form the basis for your applications to them.” For more news and tips for international graduates, register with GradLink today!

By Jen Garmston Published: Aug 03,2022

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