What do recruiters need to know about AI?

Artificial intelligence is the future. If we believe the current conversations it’s set to both take jobs from us and make our lives easier, but what’s the real impact of an automated future? The news is split with some headlines praising advancements and the others proclaiming we can’t compete with this technology when it comes to employability. As with most updates to technology, knowledge is power and by understanding what the impact will be, you’re more likely to be able to tackle it head-on. So, how could it affect our current jobs market and recruitment techniques?


By David Gee Published: August 31, 2018

UK employers are seeking foreign graduates to fill the skills gap in finance and tech jobs

According to the latest research, technical sectors such as finance, data and analysis are showing a substantial shortage of British graduates. Therefore, companies looking at talent from abroad to fill gaps, according to Emolument, a salary benchmarking website, analysed data from 32,000 establishments.


By Independent
Published: May 24, 2016

Toyota to build new plant in Malaysia

Seeing the potential mid- to long-term growth in demand for vehicles including subcompact cars,the word largest automaker plans to build a new factory in Malaysia, said by a company source on this Tuesday.


By bankok post
Published: May 17, 2016

The 5 highest-paying sectors in Singapore in 2016

According  to a new report by staffing firm Kelly Services, the highest-paying jobs in Singapore of this year are in these five sectors: information technology (IT); accounting, sales and marketing; banking and finance; and the healthcare and life sciences.


By Ann Williams
Published: May 05, 2016

Ten companies actively recruiting in Malaysia

These 10 companies in Malaysia are still actively hiring , according to the Vulcan Post.


By Vulcan Post
Published: April 29, 2016

IT graduates paid highest in Philippines

INFORMATION Technology (IT) graduates are paid higher in the Visayas than their counterparts in any other region in the country, online hiring firm Jobstreet found in its 2016 Visayas Salary Report.


By Sun Star
Published: April 16, 2016