What tips can international students take on this summer to help their careers?

In the midst of exams and the end of term nearing, many students will be thinking about their summer plans and how they’ll spend their time away from campus and classes. While taking some rest from study is always important, there are a few things that can help you step up towards your career path over the summer. Try to include some time each week to check in with your progress so that you’re able to add to your CV during your break.

Look for new opportunities

Opportunities can be found in several places depending on what stage of your studies you’re at. It’s key for international students to find ways to increase both skills and work experience while studying. Starting this while at university will enable you to approach the jobs market with more of the required skills than most students will have, therefore giving you the edge over other candidates. One way to start this is to look at roles you are likely to apply for after graduating, then use the required skills as an idea of what abilities employers are looking for at that level. Then when looking for work experience, you can search for opportunities that match these skills. Thinking about this while you’re at university is going to set you up for success further down the line.

Start researching employers

It may sound obvious but finding out what type of roles and companies you’d like to work can be time consuming. Rather than waiting until the year you graduate, start your research now so you’re prepared. Think about roles you’re interested in and start putting together a list of your dream companies. By doing this, you can start to keep track of what each company provides for employees in terms of roles, career progression and company culture. Having this knowledge will not only help focus your job applications but when you reach the interview stage you will have a genuine, authentic interest and knowledge about the company that shows an employer you’re invested.

Take a second look at your social media

Many employers will look at a candidate’s social media before hiring, LinkedIn is a likely starting place but this may also cover other personal social media platforms. The aim here is to be aware of the information that you’re sharing online and if your profiles look professional to an employer. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, try to set up a profile while you’re studying so you can add to your skills and get endorsed for these by lecturers to give credibility to your account while studying. LinkedIn is a great place to start collating the experience you have and reaching new contacts. Try connecting with key companies and international alumni from your university. Those students who have already started their careers may be able to offer you insight into your chosen industry as they have already experienced this. For more career tips and the latest news, register for GradLink today for free and gain access to our jobs board featuring the top global employers looking for international talent.

By Jen Garmston Published: Jun 20,2022

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