How can recruiters harness the power of Gen Z and retain the next generation of talent?

By 2025, Gen Z will make up around 27% of the workforce with this number only set to rise as more reach the age to start working. With almost a third of Gen Z working in the next few years, what becomes pertinent is the need to find strategies that attract and retain this group.

What do they bring?

Gen Z, categorised by being born from 1997-to 2012 are entering the workforce and one way to utilise change is to understand and get ahead of it. This generation is not only digital natives but more racially and ethnically diverse than any before them. They’re also looking for social change due to their exposure to extreme global issues. With this, they’re bringing a wide spread of ideas from their backgrounds, and they understand technology in a way that exceeds millennials too.

What are they looking for?

Gen Z typically doesn’t approach a job search traditionally. They’re more likely to turn to social media platforms for these searches. While we’re not suggesting companies throw out their current methods for attracting talent, it is important to understand what new generations of candidates want if you’re going to hire them and retain them at your company. Recognising social job platforms and including them in your strategy is one place to start. Speak to the social media teams within your company to collaborate on ideas for attracting talent. Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok all have links to recruitment if you look in the right places and Tik Tok has recently released a limited Beta version of their new venture called Tik Tok careers which will eventually have the option for employers to post job listings too.

Consulting firm Gartner, have some suggestions for ways to adapt;

- Take an even view on qualification requirements, instead hire candidates “who show potential to learn and adapt, problem solve and collaborate with others” and allow them to be a good fit for your workplace.

- Find a way to include growth into the opportunities you provide. Gen Z candidates want the possibility for expansion and value employers that give them the ability to develop.

- Ensure branding is authentic and reflects the job and company culture appropriately. “Candidates need to see that organizations are working to improve diversity across all levels of the organization, or they won’t stay. In addition, companies should be open about where they are in their diversity journey—what they’ve achieved and what they’re still working on. Honesty goes a long way.”

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By Jen Garmston Published: May 09,2022

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