How can European students reach their career goals in the UK?

Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, there have been some changes that now affect European students thinking about studying and working in the UK.  While there are some differing implications depending on personal circumstances, a new immigration route for the UK was launched in 2020. International students who want to work in the UK upon successfully completing their degree can apply for The Graduate Immigration route (GIR). This route allows new graduates two years to work or look for work in the UK. This move from the UK government gives a more realistic time frame for students to find experience and employment after university.

So, what does this mean for EU students?

EU students will now be eligible with international students to apply for The Graduate Immigration route. What these changes to UK immigration rules don’t capture is the opportunities that are still available for students from other countries. We advise students to use their time at university to gain experience for the UK jobs market so you have the local experience UK employers are looking for. When deciding which university to attend, it’s important to not only think about your experience studying, but what support is offered to international students and how your university can propel you into your chosen career. UWE Bristol provides several opportunities for support before, during and after study specific to the needs of international students. From airport pick-ups, to International Talent internships, courses that connect directly to industry , A Global Centre ,and careers advice after graduation.

Is the UK an attractive option?

Technology specialists European recruitment report that “Contrary to opinion polls, the numbers tell a very different story in relation to hiring in the UK and the opportunities among hi-tech UK employers. In the 12 months, post Brexit ARM increased UK headcount by close to 500 Employees, a significant statement by their new owners Softbank and a reflection of their determination to invest in UK technology”. Dyson laid plans for a 2.6bn investment with the intention of doubling their workforce in the next few years, and Apple are ramping up hiring for their UK Design Centre. “Furthermore, Bloomberg reported earlier this year that in an increasingly competitive market, starting salaries have increased to the highest level since before the Brexit vote, a clear indication that the labour market is tightening and the demand for talent is increasing”.

How to find job opportunities in the UK after graduating?

One way is to think outside the box and look at what jobs and sectors are in demand currently to fill a gap in the jobs market. Have a look at the government’s shortage occupation list which highlights roles in demand in the UK. This can be used for your long-term career goals, or to gain additional experience after graduation to prepare your skillset for your ideal role. Try to target the right employers that will appreciate your talent. Do they have links with your home country or are they looking for candidates that can speak your first language? With this in mind, GradLink’s website provides specific advice for international students who want to work in the UK as well as globally, to enable you to have the tools you need to succeed in the jobs market. Register for full access to our site which includes articles to boost your knowledge during study and your career journey, our CV builder and much more!

By Jen Garmston Published: May 30,2022

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