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GM Expected to Announce 1,000 Engineering Jobs in Ontario

Some good news for robot enthusiasts and engineering graduates looking to return to Canada.

There has been much talk in the media about the development of self-driving cars, shared vehicles and other mobility systems. That conversation is now set to come to Canada in the form of 1,000 new highly skilled engineering and software jobs.

In the biggest auto sector job deal in a decade, CBC News has reported that General Motors is adding 1,000 new positions to their already 9,000 strong team of workers across Canada. The new engineers will be tasked with evolving software for self-driving cars in facilities in Oshawa and Markham, Ontario.

GM’s tech centre in Oshawa is thought to be housing 300 of the new engineering positions. A new software development centre in Markham will also see the arrival of 700 new engineers, significantly boosting Canada’s overall number of research and development workers.

The news follows a decline in Canada’s auto industry in recent years after GM’s plant in Oshawa announced it would be “phasing out” production of the Camaro in 2017. While GM recently added a small amount of Equinox production, the Camaro remains the main vehicle made in Oshawa in the last few years.

However, the 1,000 new jobs should sway development in their favour and while “GM isn't just competing with traditional car companies in this field” as it is “facing down Google, Tesla, Apple and other giants of Silicon Valley,” would-be engineers are up for the challenge.

Oshawa Mayor John Henry has also spoken out in favour of the news. He stated that “The car industry is a big part of Oshawa. It is part of our history,” he continues that “any good news announcement is a great news announcement for our residents, but also for all of Canada.”

Despite obstacles and high profiled opponents, the 1,000 new jobs are indicative of changing times and are a welcomed opportunity to bring state-of-the-art advancements back to Canada.

Driverless cars have long been seen simply as an idea made for the likes of sci-fi and superhero films, but as technology progresses, the future is closer than we think. The new positions do not just offer the opportunity to work with one of the oldest and most established automobile makers in the world, but also to work on projects that – if successful – will revolutionise the way we live. Who would not want to be involved in that?

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By David Gee Published: June 22, 2016


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