Why the UK is such a hit with Nigerian international students

Nigerian students are finding the UK’s latest policy on post-study work visas attractive, as it offers a pathway to longer-term immigration. Under the new policy, international students holding a study visa can extend their stay in the UK for a minimum of two years after completing their degree.

The new policy, introduced in 2020, goes some way to explaining why there has been an eight-fold increase in the number of Sponsored Study visas granted to Nigerians in the last three years.

Of the 486,868 Sponsored Study visas issued in the 12 months to June 2022, Nigerian students were awarded 65,929. This figure is significantly higher compared to the 8,384 visas issued in 2019. It represents the largest relative increase in Sponsored Study visa grants to any nation compared with 2019.

Nigerians look to prosper in the UK

So, is the remarkable rise in Nigerians studying in the UK all down to the new policy?

It’s undoubtedly playing a big part, as it’s created a golden opportunity for Nigerian students to come to the UK with their families. A UK student visa also allows family members to apply for immigration as dependants.

For Nigerians, the UK provides stability, hope and job security. The UK has a rich and diverse higher education system that offers a wide range of courses and degrees, including some of the world's top-ranking universities.

Nigerians are prepared to give up a great deal to fund their education in the UK. Some Nigerians told University World News they have sold their property, businesses and personal belongings to fund the tuition and eventual relocation of themselves and their families.

English is the official language of Nigeria, with 60 million speakers, which makes adaptation easier, while the UK offers a welcoming and supportive environment for international students. Universities provide a range of support services, such as academic and career guidance, housing assistance and cultural integration programs.

There are also a number of post-graduation services, designed to help Nigerian graduates to find a job in the UK.

GradLink is one of them. Our free, award-winning careers site, provided by UWE Bristol, is specifically designed for international graduates who have studied in the UK – helping you find a job that matches your skillset and ambitions, within that crucial two-year post-study period.

Start shaping your post-study life in the UK with the help of GradLink today.

By QContent Published: Aug 01,2023

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