India needs 30 million digitally skilled professionals by 2026 - are you one of them?

India is starting to ready its economy for the fourth industrial revolution and that means huge opportunities for returning international students studying tech-based degrees right now.

The country needs 30 million professionals skilled in digital technology by 2026, while 50% of the existing workforce will need to undergo re-skilling in areas related to emerging technologies, a new report suggests.

The report quoted the World Economic Forum which projects that if India invests in upskilling, it could lead to the creation of 2.3 million new jobs by 2030, resulting in a potential economic boost of $570 billion.

In addition to a future demand for digitally skilled workers, there is a very real need for specialist talent right now. More than two million jobs in AI, cyber security and blockchain are expected to remain unfilled in 2023, according to the report’s estimations.

PwC India announces recruitment drive

Employers in the country are gearing up for a talent war. Over the next five years, PwC aims to add 30,000 new jobs in India to further expand its presence in the country. With this expansion, the company’s employee count in India could potentially surpass 80,000 by 2028.

The firm's plans come after it established a joint venture between PwC India and PwC US to set up new global centres in India and enhance the existing ones, with the goal of accelerating growth and improving service quality.  

"We are committed to playing a meaningful role in India's growth story and are working closely with clients and stakeholders to help solve important problems and create avenues towards a very bright future for our country,” said Sanjeev Krishan, chairperson at PwC in India.

Here at GradLink, we have a direct connection with PwC India, which recognises the value of recruiting UK-educated graduates. It understands that if it’s going to meet its demand for skilled digital workers, it needs to throw its net far and wide.

GradLink makes it easy for UK-educated graduates to research the Indian graduate job market and find vacancies that play into their skillset. With new jobs posted every week, you won’t have to scour the internet to find the best opportunities in India (and elsewhere).

So, if you have digital skills that are in demand, you’ll have your pick of jobs and employers. Build and submit your CV for our employers to search using our CV builder facility today.

By Q Content Published: May 16,2023

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