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The most desirable finance jobs in Singapore right now

Singapore: the vibrant metropolis and beating heart of ASEAN’s finance and technology sectors. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Yet away from its sights and attractions, Singapore is also home to many excellent opportunities, especially for graduates looking to get into the financial sector. However, with so many options comes the trouble of choosing which career to pursue.  

Investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers are all suffering, but according to an article published by E Financial Careers, private equity has proven to be bombproof across all finance hubs, including Singapore. But that’s not all, E Financial Careers has come up with its five most popular positions. Here are Singapore’s best:  

1. Financial Analyst, family office 

As a junior level entry job into corporate finance, this role focused on financial modelling, industry research and planning based in the luxury hotel and real estate sector. For roles similar to this, one to two years of corporate finance experience is required, but experience in debt or equity capital markets is desirable too.

2. Trading Assistant, commodities 

Investment banks are faltering, as are many of their job openings – most notable, however, is the lack of commodity roles. Due to this change in the financial landscape, graduates hoping to break into trading are increasingly opting for trading houses rather than traditional banking roles. Trading assistants too are making the shift. Roles that involved training or shadowing a senior trader and led to the potential of a front office position were especially popular with Singaporean applicants.

3. Investment analyst, private equity 

As the golden child of the financial sector, you are probably wondering just what makes this junior position so highly sought after. While the position required two to four years of experience in investment banking or management consulting, it proved popular with applicants across South East Asia. Exciting work, combined with competitive salaries and the potential of a long, lucrative career makes this one job you don’t want to miss.  

4. Corporate finance analyst in transport sector 

The transport sector may not be what immediately jumps to mind when you think about corporate finance, but this position was popular because of how all-encompassing it was. Applicants needed experience in finance and transportation, as well as expertise in oil and gas or shipping. Through working in a large investment management firm, applicants would gain experience in many fields and enjoy a sizeable scope for career progression.

5. Private equity analyst in the real estate sector 

Another large private equity company with what is best described as a flat management structure.  The junior role required one to two years of experience, preferably in investment banking, and would include both analysing and managing. Of course, a strong knowledge of real estate was also essential.

E Financial Careers also found similar trends in Hong Kong, with equity research analyst, investment associate, asset management and risk analysis roles gaining traction with applicants. Private equity however took first place once again, with three of the five top jobs all falling within the sector.

Hopefully by browsing this list you will have gained a better understanding of the kinds of financial jobs available. Business and finance degrees do not need to only translate into banking roles, because demand continues to grow across all sectors. Similarly, IT roles will continue to flourish. Singapore’s financial hub shows no sign of slowing, so now really is the best time to get your foot on that career ladder.

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By David Gee Published: October 26, 2016


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