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The best companies for job interviews

Interviews can be a nerve-racking and stress inducing process. Candidates are acutely aware of the market’s competitiveness as they sit waiting to go in, their ties feeling much too tight and their CVs much too short.  

However, some companies are not just acknowledging the nerves, but are actively working to improve the interview process. After all, a calm candidate can better express and articulate their views, strengths and experiences.

So when Forbes published the results of Glassdoor’s 2016 Candidates’ Choice Awards, headed by employer communications manager Lisa Holden, earlier this week, I was not at all surprised to see some of our partner companies included.

The background

The research was obtained by considering companies with at least 1,000 employees and asking candidates who interviewed with them to rate their experience. Those who scored above the 82% average for positive reviews were then shortlisted, while making sure that each company had at least 100 interview responses.

Holden has described the study as: “essentially, a list identifying the companies that are really getting it right in terms of the overall candidate experience”. She believes that the results will help “job seekers to navigate toward companies that will treat them well. At the same time, companies can learn about what makes a positive candidate experience and how they can improve their best practices.”

The results

The duration and difficulty of the hiring process were measured as well as the interview itself. They analysed the expected industry average for recruiting time and saw that those with unnecessary or excessive delays caused negative responses.

In relation to interview difficulty, rather than deterring applicants Holden’s team noted that a four-out-of-five difficulty level was found to be “ideal for producing candidates who would feel most satisfied with their jobs later on.” Considering companies in these terms saw juggernauts like Google and Facebook falling short.

Most interestingly however are the two underlying themes in this year’s winners. Echoing millennial attitudes, companies that exhibited friendliness and transparency throughout the process were those that achieved the highest scores.

The research found that candidates who were greeted with welcoming and down-to-earth employees were more likely to respond positively. Candid anecdotes and honest reflections on company life were also found to help put the candidates at ease.

These conclusions are bolstered elsewhere, as candidates noted that in addition to chatting to friendly people, receiving information about the company prior to the interview also improved the score.

So who made it into the top ten?

  1. Sherwin-Williams (88%)
  2. Grant Thornton (87%)
  3. Caterpillar (86%)
  4. BNY Mellon (85%)
  5. J Crew (85%)
  6. H&R Block (84%)
  7. Southwest Airlines (84%)
  8. EY (84%)
  9. Walt Disney Company (83%)
  10. PWC (83%)

While a few – such as the Walt Disney Company – are not surprising, it is encouraging to see employers actively adapting to the needs of graduates in the job market.

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By David Gee Published: August 16, 2016


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