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Take control of your career with these employability tips

PhD, MBA or simply BA, no matter how many titles you have in your armoury, a degree does not guarantee employment. Competition is fierce and opportunities can feel scarce. No matter how thick your skin is rejection will always sting, but it’s important that you continue trying. Besides, there are tried and tested ways of making your CV shine and stand out.

OnRec published some advice this week that I’d like to build on. So get out your notebook, because we are going to get you employed…

Google yourself

This is one of the first steps your potential employer will take, so it pays to plan ahead and see what comes up. If you have a LinkedIn page, Facebook account or any kind of social media profile, make sure that they look professional and would not shock your potential new boss. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, register now!

Also, while you’re at it, rethink your social media presence altogether and go on a purge if need be. Drunken photos from fresher’s week should probably stay hidden and try to keep any controversial comments or views under wraps. If you really can’t detach from your debauched photos, do what new teachers have to do in the UK and change your name so you can’t be found.

Know your skills 

According to the CIPD, 60% of graduates are currently working in roles irrelevant to their degree. For students who chose specific subjects – such as medicine or law – the way may seem more set than a graduate in the arts or humanities. Think in terms of transferable skills as, just because it is not strictly relevant, it does not mean it hasn’t impacted or improved your employability. Revel in this uncertainty and try out different paths.

Spell check, spell check, spell check  

There are few worse feelings than when you realise your perfectly set out CV has a spelling mistake slap bang in the middle. Read it, then read it again. Remember that most universities offer career guidance well beyond graduation.

Experience is everything 

Unpaid internships may only be a viable option for the lucky few who can support themselves by other means, but they are often a necessary step on whichever ladder we wish to climb. If you have been struggling to find work since graduation, create a list of the skills you have and compare them to the skills needed for your dream role. Experience, no matter how long or short, is a great way of filling in those career gaps and looks great on your CV.

Moreover, capitalise on your extracurricular activities and volunteer. Network online and on LinkedIn and give your CV out to as many companies as possible. Be tenacious.

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By David Gee Published: October 24, 2016


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