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Six tips to help you get through your first day

Starting a new job is always slightly terrifying. For new graduates, nervousness teams up with inexperience and pesters you with hundreds of questions, which encompass everything from “will I get on with everyone?” to “which mug am I allowed to use?” This is completely normal and if anxiety is good for one thing, it’s preparation.

Unfortunately, the hard work does not stop with the job offer. But fear not, because with a little help from an article published by the Economic Times of India, we have some tips to get you through that first day.

Prepare, prepare and then prepare some more


Prior to starting, do your research. Check out the company’s website and various social media channels. See what you can find out about the organisation and your new co-workers. You may find that you went to the same primary school or you come from the same local region. This provides you with ice breakers on the first day and can help your professional network grow.

Understand your role 


Communication is everything and by clearly outlining roles and expectations early on you will be better equipped to perform to your best ability. Moreover, talk to your superiors about your career goals and aspirations. Familiarise them with your trajectory so they know how best to help you on your journey. Start on the same page and watch yourself flourish.

Understand your superiors


Try to understand and examine your boss’ management style and where their priorities lie. Be honest, approachable and enthusiastic. Confidence is key here. However, if you are still nervous, you could always win your new team over by popping the kettle on. Just remember: no one likes a suck up. Which leads us to…

Don’t go overboard 


Be humble. You will be cross examined but try to keep the bragging to yourself. Be reliable and rise to the occasion. Equally, don’t promise what you cannot deliver. Honesty is always better and will be appreciated more in the long run. You will make mistakes, so live by the mantra of: “this is a lesson, not a failure.”

Master workplace etiquette 


Working in close proximity to other people for many hours a day is a sure fire way to find out about all your annoying habits. So be polite and respectful of those around you. Don’t be messy and if you listen to music, keep the volume down at a reasonable level. Ask lot of questions and collaborate. These are all simple things, but they are key components to being a team player.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 


This works in two ways. Firstly, working quickly and asking no questions may make you look like a good independent worker, but it also opens you up to make mistakes. Secondly, asking questions shows off your curiosity. Never stop learning and enquiring and remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

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By David Gee Published: October 10, 2016


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