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IBM, Deliotte and Dell named among the top 250 telecommuting employers

Do you dream of having a job where you can work from home? You’re in luck! FlexJobs has worked out the top 250 telecommuting jobs so you don’t have to. And unsurprisingly, a few of our partnered brands have made their way onto the list.

The study compared and examined more than 40,000 companies and used their history of job postings on the JobFlex website. For the study, flexible work was defined as “a professional-level job that has a telecommuting, flexible schedule, part-time or freelance component.”

So who made it onto the list? First, let’s go through some of the benefits of flexible work times:

It’s environmentally friendly

You won’t be burning any holes in the ozone layer if you haven’t left the house! Plus it saves on petrol and cuts down your commute time.

You can spend more time with family

Working from home means that you can create a work schedule that suits you within reason; great news if you’re a parent or you have school runs to juggle.

Quiet atmosphere

For those of you who struggle to work in loud environments, working from home offers you the chance to choose your surroundings. You can work at home, in a café or on the beach – so long as there’s wifi, there’s no stopping you.

Fewer distractions

This means you have more time to be productive, rather than getting caught up at the water cooler.

Improves work/life balance

All too often we can feel like we are losing hours of our lives just getting to and from work. Remote working provides a calm backdrop for employees and a happy employee is a productive employee.

Flexible working is the future and its benefits extend much further than just the staff. According to a survey conducted last year by HR nonprofit WorldatWork and FlexJobs, 80% of US companies currently offer flexible work arrangements. Moreover, a study by Vodafone found that 58% of US companies have reported increased profits after implementing flexible working. According to Global Workplace Analytics, a research firm dedicated to investigating flexible work, 80%-90% of the United States workforce prefers to telecommute part-time.

FlexJobs analysed positions ranging from low-level roles to executive positions across industries, including health, human resources, IT, education, accounting, government and hospitality. You can find the full list on the FlexJobs site.

IBM, Deliotte and Dell all made it into FlexJobs' top 250, with IBM and Dell coming third and fourth respectively. While we know that the brands we work alongside are great brands, it is always reassuring to see them move with the times and gain recognition. To find out what other exciting job opportunities we have, check out our job listing page today.


By David Gee Published: October 24, 2016


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