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Employer Advice: How international returners are making a big difference at BDO

We know that finding the perfect candidate can be a challenge, but here at GradLink we’re dedicated to connecting employers with the best in international graduate talent. But don’t just take our word for it – this month, BDO’s director of talent acquisition Siew Fong Thong explains how international graduates are making a difference in their business…

How have international students made a positive impact at BDO Malaysia?

With over 50 years of experience in providing audit, advisory and tax services, BDO Malaysia is one of the largest professional firms currently operating in ASEAN. We have BDO offices in 158 countries and employ over 67,731 people in some 1,401 offices.

International graduates from the UK have in the past proved an invaluable asset. One of the most distinct differences they have made in our firm are the diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences they have bought with them.

Returning international graduates who have lived abroad for a period of time have gained the capability to look at things from a different perspective, perhaps due to the cultural diversity from the country they studied in. This difference enhances the synergy found when working in a team with graduates from different universities in Malaysia or across the world.

Moreover, returning international graduates have provided BDO with a vibrant multicultural identity. We value the diversified global exposure that they possess, which in turn can only further enrich the working teams in our firm.

What skills can international returnees bring to a company like yours?

Given BDO Malaysia plays a key role in other ASEAN countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Brunei, excellent communication skills and a good command of English is essential for candidates. In our experience, the majority of international returnees demonstrate these vital skills, which include:

  • Proficiency in English and ability to articulate their thoughts

Skill in both verbal communication and report writing is essential for professional accountants. Indeed, with the increasing demand and expectations from the regulatory bodies and public, proficiency in English is fast becoming a must-have skill in order to perform the job.

  • Proactive attitude and participative in discussion

In BDO, we work predominantly in teams and we value feedback and input from all of our employees. Active participation in discussions encourages the generation of new ideas and boosts critical thinking among team members.

How has Gradlink enhanced the graduate recruitment process for you?

GradLink provides an avenue for us to source talents, particularly Malaysians, who are studying in UK universities or anywhere else in the world. There is a plethora of talented candidates globally, however connecting with the right fit is no simple feat. As a platform, GradLink grants more outreach than BDO’s Talent team alone and thus helps us find the perfect candidates for our roles.

GradLink currently operates in China, South-East Asia, the Gulf, Canada, Africa, India and Bangladesh. Our free, award-winning service allows employers to advertise vacancies, link back to recruitment pages and access our extensive CV database of high-quality UK-educated talent. Register with us today and find the perfect graduates for your business.

By Gradlink Published: February 16, 2017


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