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3 ways to bag yourself a graduate role

So often graduates find themselves stuck in a limbo where they are too qualified for low skill or minimum wage roles, but are under-qualified for the careers they actually want. We’ve all fallen victim to the formidable skills gap at some point, but there are ways you can make the best of your situation.

The Guardian published an article earlier this month detailing some of the ways you can make the most of the experience you have and where you can improve. Employers don’t expect new hires to be immediate experts; in fact the report suggests that more than 80% don’t even ask for a specific degree. However, if there is one key attribute that employers will scramble over each other for, it’s potential.

Potential means different things depending on the individual, company or industry. Yet certain skills are universal, while others are highly sought after. So here are some tactics to employ that could help you bag that all-important first role…

Understand the jargon

It can be difficult to translate the skills listed on a job advertisement. Commercial awareness is a skill desired by many employers, especially in the business sector. Of course, this varies widely within the industry, but understanding the market you are about to enter is essential. Equally, this awareness may also save you from some interview embarrassments.

Capitalise on your core skills

We’re talking about communication, self-awareness, versatility, critical thinking and interpersonal skills – all things you would have built up during your academic career in the UK.

Get work experience

Pragmatic experience is always highly valued. In fact, this is one of the main hindrances currently facing graduates, as while we have more qualified young people than ever, their practical experience is waning.

You can gain this experience in so many ways and careers are never linear.  Don’t be afraid to work for free, because even volunteering demonstrates that you are committed, engaged and able to turn up on time. Do you have work experience in a restaurant? That shows you can work well under pressure. Simply working in a role for a long period of time can also demonstrate loyalty, regardless of the sector.

Don’t forget, as international graduates returning to your home territories, you will have the benefit of a quality UK education behind you, so capitalize on that. Get ahead today by registering with us online and browsing our job board.


By David Gee Published: December 20, 2016


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