2014 Fresh Graduate Salary in Malaysia and Top Paying Jobs

Graduating soon or looking for a job? We have put together a list of fresh graduate salaries for different industries, top paying and lowest paying jobs in Malaysia, and other relevant salary information to help you out! On average, fresh graduates earn about RM2,100, junior executives RM2,100 – RM3,900, and overall average across different industries RM2,800.

Top 10 highest Starting Salary for Fresh Graduates in Malaysia
 Pharmacy RM3,640
 Corporate Strategy RM3,200
 Sales – Financial Services RM3,054
 Doctor RM2,719
 Sales – Engineering and IT RM2,612
 Geophysics RM2,612
 Aviation RM2,533
 Actuarial Science RM2,475
 Sales – Corporate RM2,456
 IT – Software RM2,452
Top 10 highest Starting Salary for Junior Executives in Malaysia
 Doctor RM3,899
 Process Design and Control RM3,898
 Corporate Strategy RM3,800
 Sales – Financial Services RM3,729
 Engineering – Oil/Gas RM3,606
 Finance – Corporate Finance RM3,500
 Pharmacy RM3,470
 Aviation RM3,475
 IT – Software RM3,398
 Legal Services RM3,396
Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Senior Executives
 Geophysics RM7,514
 Doctor RM6,903
 Engineering – Oil/Gas RM6,353
 IT – Software RM5,269
 Process Design & Control RM5,086
 Training & Development RM4,964
 Pharmacy RM4,935
 Engineering – Electronics RM4,928
 Engineering – Mechanical RM4,745
 Audit/Taxation RM4,721
Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Malaysia at Manager Level 
 Doctor RM9,530
 Engineering – Oil/Gas RM9,462
 Aviation RM9,406
 Audit/Taxation RM9,226
 Banking – Financial Services RM9,100
 Geophysics RM8,938
 Publishing or Printing RM8,650
 Engineering – Chemical RM8,545
 Engineering – Electronics RM8,146
 IT – Software RM8,112
Top 10 best paying jobs in Malaysia at Senior Manager Level
 IT – Hardware RM18,100
 Quality Control/Assurance RM17,768
 Geophysics RM17,500
 Property/Real Estate RM16,917
 Engineering – Electrical RM16,503
 Publishing/Printing RM16,500
 Corporate Strategy RM15,606
 Engineering Oil/Gas RM15,307
 Sales – Corporate RM14,815
 Engineering – Civil RM14,768


Fresh Graduate Pay by Industry
Bank Islam RM2,250
Maybank RM2,470
Public Bank RM2,800
RHB Bank RM2,500
Oil & Gas
Petronas RM4,000
Shell RM4,500
Accounting & Audit
LHDN RM2,700-RM3,200
Russell Bedford RM2,000
Perodua RM2,200
University of Nottingham (Lecturer) RM6,500
Monash University (Lecturer) RM6,000
Taylors University (Lecturer) RM5,500
Kolej Tunku Jaafar (A-levels Lecturer) RM2,800
Insurance / Takaful
Lonpac insurance comp RM2,800
IT / SAP/ Consulting
Accenture SAP Graduate Trainee RM2,300-RM2,500
Accenture Analyst (CGPA) RM3,600-RM3,800
British Petroleum SAP Estar RM3,200
CISCO Network Engineering RM2,800
Maybank PMO RM2,600
iPerintis Customer Service RM2,300
Sime darby – Specialist, Finance and Accounting RM1,900
Western Digital RM2,650
Yokohama Industries RM2,300-RM2,500
LB Aluminum RM2,200-RM2,300
Ranhill WorleyParson RM2,600
Top Glove QA Officer RM2,800-RM3,000
Giant Product Exec RM2,300
Property/ Estate Management/ QS / Building
QS in construction company RM1,600-RM1,800
Call Centre
VADS call centre RM1,700
HP call centre RM2,300
Dell call centre RM2,200
Management Trainee
OCBC Bank Management Trainee RM2,600
Bursa Malaysia Management Associate RM3,200
CIMB TCB RM3,000-RM3,500
RHB Management Associate RM3,000
RHB Graduate Associate RM2,500
UOB Management Associate RM3,500
UOB Management Trainee RM2,800
BAT Management Associate RM3,500
Proton Management Trainee RM2,600
Ambank Graduate Trainee RM2,800
Public Bank Management Trainee RM2,800
Kraft Management Trainee RM3,500


By MYMenLifestyle.com Published: Oct 05,2014

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