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International students: How to get noticed by graduate employers this Autumn


At this point in the academic year, your thoughts may be focussed towards your upcoming break over Christmas, but don’t forget it’s also the perfect time to think about how to show how employable you are. Preparation is key for international students in particular, but rather than a hindrance, try to use this to your advantage. By understanding what your options are early on, you will expand your choices. We’ve put these ideas together to ensure that when you reach your final year, you’ll get noticed by the employers you’re interested in working for.

Go to your institutions careers fair

Careers fairs are a fantastic networking opportunity where you can build relationships with employers. Research the companies before you attend and make a plan of who you would like to speak to. These events usually host a huge number of employer stands and walking around without an idea of who you would like to speak to can make the day harder to navigate. With an idea in place, you can make a bee-line for your top employers first, then spend the rest of the time taking in the fair. Research the company so you don’t waste time asking questions that can be found on their website. By understanding their products and services, you will be able to make sure you leave behind a good first impression.  

Work on your elevator pitch

The idea of an elevator pitch is to describe yourself succinctly in the time that it would take you to ride an elevator. Often, when describing our own accomplishments, we tend to try to get all the information into the conversation but this method ensures you hold an employers interest and they remember you. In order to stand out, try to do things differently. Employers will meet hundreds of students in one day, so, by preparing such a pitch you should be able to come up with the key information about you that will impress them.

Connect with graduate employers

Making contact with employers while still at university not only shows your interest, but helps you to learn more about the working world. Some university courses have seminars where employers who work in industry visit, if you see such opportunities, take them. It’s not often you will get such tailored advice from professionals, but there are other ways to make this contact with professionals for help. Try speaking to your careers team to see if there are any other events where you could meet employers. If you have an idea of companies you would like to work for, try to connect with them on LinkedIn. These connections may be able to offer advice or tips for succeeding at that company. By making these connections early on, you’ll also be able to see company updates which will help you if invited for an interview.

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By Jen Garmston Published: November 01, 2018


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