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    Business, Accounting & Finance / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a world leader in global business intelligence. We help businesses, the financial sector and governments to understand how the world is changing and how that creates opportunities to be seized and risks to be managed.

At our heart is a 50-year forward-looking global forecast of the majority of the world’s economies. We seek to analyze the future and deliver that insight through multiple channels and insights, allowing our clients to make better business, investment and policy decisions.

We’re changing, and embedding alternate data sources such as GPS and satellite data into our forecasting, products will increasingly be tailored to individual clients, driven by some of the most innovative data in the market.

The EIU is recruiting for an entry-level position, within the quantitative economics – an international team of data analysts, econometricians and data scientists – that is in charge of The EIU’s key economic data products and the statistical/econometric model assets that power the forecast and analysis published in the EIU’s core offerings. 


How will you contribute?

  • Perform essential maintenance and quality assurances for the production of economic & industry data and forecasting models
  • Use the quality check analytics to identify issues with the country dashboards, and then liaise with the country editor/analyst to troubleshoot them and ensure the quality of the published data
  • Manage the data service desk, responding to queries directly related to the data and methodology from both internal and external clients
  • Through this process, work to resolve data and modelling issues that arise outside of the publication schedule
  • Monitor changes in external data sources and work closely with the regional teams to enhance the quality of EIU data
  • Support development of new models and upgradation of existing models, as per business requirements, working under the supervision of senior and lead analysts 
  • Support a diverse range of bespoke forecasting and quantitative research projects, in particular on data collection, data cleaning, analytics and econometric modelling tasks, working under the supervision of project leads

Experience, skills and professional attributes

The ideal skills for this role are:

  • An advanced degree in statistics, mathematics, applied econometrics, applied economics, business economics or a related quantitative field
  • Strong understanding of macroeconomic, demographic, international finance and trade concepts and knowledge of key data series
  • Strong secondary research skills and familiarity with global macroeconomic, financial and statistical databases like IMF-IFS, World Bank, OECD, Eurostat, UN, UNCTAD, ILO, BIS etc 
  • Advanced Excel skills – experience with formula auditing, manipulating and cleaning large data sets in excel, knowledge of advanced functions like VLookup/HLookup, Match, Offset, Index, Indirect, Nested If-Then-Else and similar
  • Proficiency in MS Excel VBA will be good to have
  • Proficiency in statistical analysis and econometrics modelling
  • Familiarity with machine learning models or estimating econometric models with ML elements, like cross validations and bootstrapping would be good to have
  • Proficiency in one of the programming language - R or Python
  • Working knowledge of key R libraries like tidyverse and ggplot2 (if proficient in R) or key Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib (if proficient in Python) 
  • Familiarity with R-Markdown(if proficient in R) or Jupyter notebook (if proficient in Python)
  • Some familiarity with SQL, to query databases will be good to have
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills
  • Good presentation skills

The Economist Group values diversity. We are committed to equal opportunities and creating an inclusive environment for all our employees. We welcome applicants regardless of ethnic origin, national origin, gender, gender identity, race, colour, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation , age or marital status.


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