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Gulf Specialist for audit team 2023, Israel

  • Location
    (GULF) and various
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  • Functional Area/Experience
    Business, Accounting & Finance / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

Ernst & Young provides audit services to thousands of companies in Israel. Our people are highly knowledgeable in leading and developing companies around the world, whom we accompany and assist in long-term personal and professional development. Auditing services are global, provided by multidisciplinary teams, using proven global methodology and cutting-edge tools. 

To meet customer needs in the best way, our audit department operates according to business segments main areas of expertise of the firm: 

  •   Financial Services: Insurance companies, banks, provident funds, mutual funds
  •   Technology, Communication and Media
  •   Life sciences, biotechnology and medical equipment
  •   Real Estate
  •   Consumer and retail products 
  •   Funds and investment bodies
  •   Industry
  •   Nonprofits
  •   infrastructure
  •   Cleantech

The audit teams have knowledge of international,  US and Israeli accounting rules and work in accordance with the requirements  of the  securities authorities  in  many countries . The industrial focus allows us to provide more appropriate solutions for each company and thus help our clients realize their potential while properly managing their businesses. 

Job Description : 

  • Auditing annual and quarterly financial reports
  • Involvement in preparing annual income tax reports
  • Professional ongoing handling of tax, VAT, deductions, Social Security
  • Participation in independent methodology and learning courses

Job Requirements : 

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting - Mandatory

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Psychometric score - required
  • high level English
  • Independent learning ability
  • Independent work ability 
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