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Abu Dhabi Runner- Indemnities & Retention

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    (ABU DHABI) and various
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    Business, Accounting & Finance / 1 Year

Job Description & Qualifications

First Abu Dhabi Bank is an inclusive environment where each person values the experiences, perspectives, ideas and beliefs of others. We’re in a unique position to learn from all our colleagues, combining international experience with deep cultural knowledge and local expertise. At FAB, you’ll have the support of your team and a strong relationship with your line manager, who will trust you with responsibility and recognize your good performance. As we embrace different ways of seeing the world, listening to each other and respecting different viewpoints, we grow stronger – together.

Job Description

The role holder in this role is tasked with the comprehensive management and collection of necessary documents from customers, coupled with the meticulous processing of all loan requests within the system. Additionally, the role involves proficiently utilizing retention tools to manage and assist in retaining customers effectively. The role holder holds the responsibility of discerning client needs and concerns, strategically raising pertinent points to the management for informed decision-making.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collecting requisite documents from customers with a focus on precision and thoroughness.
  • Executing DD settlements for acquisitions from competitors.
  • Scrutinizing all customer documents prior to collection, encompassing:
  • Validation of the authenticity of original documents.
  • Verification of customer identity.
  • Ensuring the sighting of original documents.
  • Applying the "True copy of original" annotation on photocopies, with inclusion of Name, Staff ID, and Signature as stipulated.
  • Attesting customer signatures as "Signature Verified" and "Signed in my presence."
  • Handling customer documents with the highest level of diligence.
  • Safeguarding all original documentation securely and utilizing the designated chub in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Promptly reporting any unauthorized or unethical activities observed during customer visits to management.
  • Engaging with customers at the Branch/Retention Center, guiding them through application/form completion.
  • Explaining approval/product details to customers, including but not limited to Interest Rate, Loan Amount, Bullet loan, etc.
  • Entering and submitting applications in the Customer Application System (CAS) and Loan Management System (LMS) for processing.
  • Uploading documents on the Document Management System (DMS).
  • Ensuring comprehensive logging and updating of all cases in the Management Information System (MIS) with their respective statuses.
  • Providing timely Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports to management on activities within the work area.
  • Coordinating with relevant departments to ensure timely disbursement of cases by sending original documents.
  • Gathering data related to customer complaints or competitor offers.
  • Proactively identifying problem areas and recommending resolutions.
  • Demonstrating effective negotiation skills with customers.
  • Delivering excellent customer service and consistently ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Possessing proficiency in all bank products and their features, with a commitment to explaining them to customers.
  • Providing general administrative support.
  • Assisting and supporting other Retention officers when required.
  • Strict adherence to policies, processes, and procedures of the organization.
  • Yearly Balance Scorecard criterions to be met.
  • Customer Satisfaction Indexes (NPS).
  • Value and volume of cases managed and fulfilled.
  • Adherence to all banks policies, procedures, and processes.


  • Proficient Negotiation Skills.
  • In-depth Understanding of Products, Policies, and Systems.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills for effective interaction with customers and various business units.
  • Collaborative Teamworking Abilities.
  • Capability to articulate and represent the customer's perspective.
  • Competency in conducting primary initial screenings of customer financial records.
  • Thorough Understanding of Product Policies, Features, and Campaign Management.
  • Knowledgeable in Banking Systems.
  • Bachelor’s Degree,
  • Required. 1-2 year of experience in banking or similar experience.


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