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Qatar Revenue Management Systems Analyst

  • Location
    (QATAR) and Doha
  • Job Reference
  • Functional Area/Experience
    Business, Accounting & Finance / 3 Years

Job Description & Qualifications

As a Revenue Management Systems Analyst, you will leverage and share systems knowledge across the users. You will support the Line Manager in improving and optimizing special projects and ad hoc request.  You will maintain new programs and scripts to improve efficiency, implement test programs on existing and new systems across Revenue Management department.  

You will monitor and maintain robotic programs to identify and reduce frauds, eliminate wastage of seats. You will conduct complex analysis using various data sources and present recommendation to senior management.

Some of the key responsibilities for this role are as below,

  • Design custom applications such as RM apps to monitor abusive activity not captured by Amadeus Revenue Integrity solution.
  • Conduct regular audits to ensure that the work processes are followed and executed, resulting in optimal usage of RM applications. You will also support RM Systems Development Manager to effectively investigate and implement recommendations provided by internal audit team.
  • Analyze system logs such as Amadeus sell logs to detect pattern used by travel agents to circumvent QR controls and recommend ways to protect the revenue.
  • Liaise with I.T, external vendors and RM resources to ensure the systems are integrated in the most optimal way.
  • Identify operational needs and proactively develop viable solutions to support RM Analysts in their daily tasks.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent with minimum 3 years of job related experience in areas such as Revenue Integrity.

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Knowledge of airline systems such as Altea inventory, PROS OD and/or GDS.
  • Knowledge/experience in Amadeus and ticketing knowledge.
  • Good knowledge of Revenue Integrity Processes, application and technology.
  • Knowledge of programming languages and coding skills would be preferred.
  • Strong analytical skills
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