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Czech Republic Junior Consultant - Audit

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    (CZECH REPUBLIC) and various
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    Business, Accounting & Finance / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

During the audit, we not only analyze numbers and information, but also get acquainted with key processes, business models, controls and work with experts. At the same time, we try to penetrate as deeply as possible into the business of our clients and contribute to the transparency of information and trust in business. Come with us. You get a job where you get to know a lot of industries, you grow fast and we make sure you don't miss anything.

Location: Brno

Your role in the team

“We make sure that every newcomer has the opportunity to try different types of audits. We will give you the opportunity to audit a bank, IT company, manufacturing, pharmaceutical or energy company and start-up. From the beginning, you will work with experienced colleagues who will explain everything to you and you will also receive a counselor who will guide you not only through the audit. Over time, you will get to know the company processes in detail and master Czech accounting as well as international auditing and accounting standards.

You will meet company directors and board members and learn to talk to them. In two years, you'll be a senior and lead your own audit team. An audit is a careful work according to a clear methodology and we will be happy to give you responsibility. We will pay you the ACCA international certification (we will give you paid study leave) and allow you to see the world. Every year we send several colleagues on an internship abroad.

We work with modern technologies, we use big data and robotics. Join us and you'll be there.” Petr Vácha, Partner, Audit

What is important to us

We know that you are only at the beginning of your career. But here are a few things that are essential to this job.

  • You have completed university in 2020/2021 or you will be done this academic year.
  • Arrival by mutual agreement.

How we will reward you

Admission 35,000 crowns per month and an annual bonus when your job goes. We will promote the vast majority of newcomers within two years, and at that moment their salary will rise by 15-20,000 crowns. You will be entitled to pleasant benefits from the beginning. Here are a few of them….

  • 5 weeks holiday.
  • 5 days of sick leave.
  • iPhone and laptop for private use.
  • 27,000 crowns for travel, languages, sports or relaxation.
  • Online medical advice Ulékař
  • ACCA.

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • You speak and write good English.
  • You can think about a problem and suggest a solution. Whether according to our methodology or separately.
  • You won't mind traveling. We travel for clients all over the Czech Republic.
  • You have a passion for the cause. You will constantly learn new things and communicate with people from the client on a daily basis. There are a lot of personal meetings, e-mails and phone calls waiting for you, during which you have to find out or organize something.
  • And most importantly, it must be a good match. You will spend a lot of time with colleagues, so you have to sit humanly.
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