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Czech Republic Internship Software Developer - part time

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    (CZECH REPUBLIC) and various
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    IT / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

Part time paid job for students with starting day June 1st, 2023 and further.

We're looking for a Software Engineer to join the Platform team at Oracle-NetSuite in Brno. The platform at NetSuite allows developers, partners and customers to build powerful solutions on top of the core NetSuite system. It supports a wide-variety of features, such as allowing to build a custom data model, to add business logic through custom scripts, to create complex workflows, access model, integrations and many others. You would be working on building and enhancing this highly complex and critical system, with particular focus on clean design of architecture, data structures and APIs. The extraordinary expressive power of platform needs high speed of execution, so coming up with fast algorithms and efficient designs is critical for its (and our) success.

We need and use a wide variety of skills and developer styles, from the database PL/SQL, through Java application stack to JavaScript front end.

Most of the development work, though, is done on the backend.

Our position at Oracle allows us access to other Oracle teams that develop important tools and engines.

We closely collaborate with teams that develop, for example, the Java language, the Graal virtual machine, or the Oracle Cloud.


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