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Job Description & Qualifications

At PwC, we provide audit, tax, legal and consulting services. We are doing well and we are looking for new inspiring colleagues. Maybe it will be you.

A year as an Audit Analyst at PwC will give you much more than any university lecture. You will work for the largest Czech and foreign clients from a large range of industries (automotive, retail, IT, banking ...). You will learn how their business and internal company processes work. All this with a team of top professionals from whom you will learn a lot.

First year in the position of Audit Analyst

  • You will board in the autumn of 2021
  • The first clients, projects and on-the-job coaching from senior colleagues in the team await you.
  • You work with client employees (accountant, HR, CFO), from whom you will obtain information and verify it.
  • You start auditing financial statements (checking financial statements, inventory, etc.).

Benefits of Audit Analytics at PwC

We will take you seriously from day one. You will become a full member of the team. You will get top technology at your disposal. During the audit season, you will have a good time, but then it will be up to you whether you get paid overtime or take compensatory leave instead and go on a trip around the world.

  • Concentrated experience and rapid career growth. It may sound like a phrase to you, but it really is.
  • Up to 2-3 years, salary CZK 52,000 plus overtime paid. So you really earn much more.
  • Opportunity to work at a foreign branch of PwC in the future.
  • Paid leave of 22 days and an extra day of vacation at the end of the year. 3 sick days.
  • You get a high-end Ultrabook and iPhone.
  • Multisport card and benefit program that you can use for holidays, education, sports meal vouchers, health ... Just for what you enjoy.
  • Support for further education: payment of ACCA certification, then the opportunity to become a member of KAČR, we will offer you business skills and many other trainings and workshops. We pay for technical certifications and the time you spend studying them.
  • Regular feedback on your work and consultations with a coach, with whom you can solve your further development and career direction.


You are in the last semester of a bachelor's or master's degree or have graduated from university during the last 2 years.

What's next?

The selection procedure is currently underway. All you have to do is fill in a few pieces of information about yourself and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In the first phase, online tests are waiting for you, if you pass them, we will invite you to an assessment center. Over the next few days, you'll learn how you ended up.

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • You have logical thinking and analytical skills.
  • You don't mind that an audit is a seasonal job. Higher commitment in winter is rewarded with more free time in summer.
  • You are counting on the fact that projects are being worked on in clients' offices, so you can sometimes leave outside Prague (currently, travel is kept to a minimum and you work rather remotely).
  • You are fluent in English and are not afraid to use this ability.
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