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china Supply Chain Management Trainee Program

  • Location
    (CHINA) and Shanghai
  • Job Reference
  • Functional Area/Experience
    Engineering / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

The Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain Management Trainee Program aims to cultivate emerging leaders with both an overall corporate view and local insights for the future of Johnson & Johnson's supply chain, helping young talents realize their shining career dreams on the Johnson & Johnson platform.

Join the project and you will get

  • Diverse job rotation experience:

1 year rotation within the department + 1 year cross-functional/company/business area/product rotation, taking you through all kinds of copies, soaring to the workplace.

  • Rich work experience:

In the colorful supply chain projects, discover your exclusive potential and unlock your hidden skills in the workplace.

  • Perfect development support:

From professional novices to professional talents, at every important career stage, there are professional talent development projects to escort you (such as: Johnson & Johnson GOLD global supply chain talent development project), accompany you to ride the wind and waves and light up the future.

  • Face-to-face boss guidance:

Break the dimensional wall of the workplace, get the opportunity to communicate with global and Chinese leaders, and let the guidance of big bosses help you grow up.

Work content

  • As the primary contact and docking department for business demand planning, it ensures the balance between supply and demand of goods, seeks the most effective end-to-end supply chain solution, and jointly supports business departments to drive business growth;
  • Work with business departments/cross-departments to accurately predict sales demand plans;
  • Cooperate with relevant global/Asia-Pacific leaders to manage inventory and production supply to meet local demand;
  • Responsible for new product project management to ensure punctual listing;
  • Continuously explore and optimize processes, aiming to provide better services and effectively control costs.

We look for

  • Freshmen who graduated in 2021 and students who have worked full-time within one year can apply;
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering (logistics, supply chain or international trade, etc.) is preferred;

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Have strong leadership skills;
  • Have strong communication and coordination skills, analysis and planning skills and problem-solving skills;
  • Work proactive and adapt to a fast-paced, team-oriented and flexible working environment;
  • Proficiency in computer operation;
  • Fluent in English (including written and oral expression, CET-6 and above).
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